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CBD has become one of the most popular health supplements on the market, and its […]


Planning to start using CBD, but not sure if you’re old enough? The short answer […]

fda outlaws cbd and hemp oil - Panda CBD

In recent years, CBD oil has grown to become a well-known and popular supplement for […]


In recent years, the availability of CBD oil in many countries has increased as more […]


Cannabidiol or CBD is gaining more popularity by the day for its stress-relieving effects, as […]

How long before CBD oil takes effect - Panda CBD

Nausea can be one of the worst feelings in the world — and sometimes it […]

How much CBD oil should i take daily | PandaCBD

Many people have spoken about going into “flight or fight” mode when they’re stressed out […]

how much CBD should I take daily | PandaCBD

CBD is a chemical that is found in the Cannabis plant. There tends to be […]


CBD (or cannabidiol) is a natural substance that is part of the cannabis plant. Unlike […]


CBD or Cannabidiol is a relative newcomer to the world of beauty, having been legalized […]