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Are CBD Oils Legal in NC?

It can be a headache to research all the details around where and when CBD oil is legal these days. CBD oil has proven to be among the most beneficial natural oils on the market, with a variety of attributes that positively impact a range of different ailments. We will answer the question, “Are CBD oils legal in NC?” so you can make an informed decision about where to get it, how much to acquire, and what exactly the legal system in North Carolina is regarding this popular health remedy. 


A Look at U.S. Federal Law

Debates abound as to what is legal via the entire United States and what is based on local state governments. It was in 2018 when the Farm Bill was passed by the United States federal government, which made it legal to grow cannabis plants and produce CBD oil. The law stated that production of the product must be made to have less than .3% THC, so it was very restricting and did not include all forms of cannabis. Additionally, the laws allowed for states to make up their own minds about the legality of the substance. 


What is NC’s Stance?

Unlike other states that immediately embraced the CBD oil industry, North Carolina has been more stringent in its laws. The shining light in North Carolina’s inability to conform was found in 2014 when the first Cannabis related bill came to pass the state’s government. Known as the House Bill 1220, it allowed for children with epilepsy to have access to CBD oil provided that the THC level was under .9% and the oil contained only 5% CBD. 

For a child to be eligible under the House Bill 1220, they had to prove resistant to other epilepsy and neurological drugs. They also had to have a written letter from a neurosurgeon and become a participant in a pilot study for the effectiveness of CBD extracts. The last stipulation for the pilot study was subsequently removed, but children still have to go through the proper diagnosis procedure in order to receive CBD prescriptions. 


What About Now?

Time has passed since the 2014 House Bill 1220 and the federal government legalizing CBD use in 2018, but North Carolina remains closely guarded in their acceptance of CBD oil use. Currently, CBD products and marijuana carry a penalty in the state of North Carolina. Those found in possession of less than half an ounce can face misdemeanor charges and if found with more than half an ounce, you will most likely be serving time incarcerated. 

North Carolina has some of the most unclear laws surrounding CBD oils in the country. Where it’s still illegal to possess CBD oil, it’s perfectly legal to order it online out of state and have it delivered to your home. However, in certain vape shops throughout the state, CBD oil for the purpose of alleviating insomnia, anxiety, and a number of other health issues is available for purchase. Although the state is perfectly within their right to seize and fine vape shops for providing access to CBD oil without proper written consent from a physician, the authorities often look the other way. 


What the Future Holds for CBD in NC

It’s uncertain whether North Carolina will get on board with the rest of the country in regard to the legalization of CBD products but unfortunately, they have the ultimate authority over the situation for anyone in the state. If you reside in NC, be careful when and where you purchase CBD oil, and keep your supply below half an ounce to avoid anything above a misdemeanor on your record.

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