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Are CBD Tinctures Effective?

CBD is booming. That’s the only way to describe how popular this natural medical treatment has become in recent years. Gone are the days when CBD was laughed at as a form of medicinal care, and we have started to see an increase in the number of medical studies taking place. 

But what about CBD tinctures? You’ve likely heard of CBD oil, but are they the same as tinctures? Are CBD tinctures effective? It’s important to know which to choose. We know you have a lot of questions, and it’s our goal to ensure all of them are answered for you. 

Tinctures vs Oil 

It’s really easy to confuse the two, a common mistake, but there is a pretty major difference between them. It’s all about the extraction process. A tincture is derived by soaking the cannabis plant in an alcohol and water solution, while for CBD oil, plant extracts are infused in a carrier oil. This is usually something like coconut, olive, or hemp. 

Check the Label 

Would you believe it if we said only 30% of CBD products are accurately labelled? It’s true, and we were shocked too. You should keep an eye out for the certificate of analysis, as this will show you the overall purity of your tincture. Similarly, check for food-grade alcohol. It’s really important as you don’t want to end up with false ingredients or those that are dangerous. 

Watch the Dose 

Due to their high levels of concentration, tinctures should only be taken in small doses. While it is not possible to overdose on a tincture, too much can still make you feel unwell and it is better to keep yourself restricted. You should find that they come with pipettes to make using applying droplets to your mouth a lot easier. 

Potency is Important 

To increase the medicinal value of the tinctures, some of them will have terpenes from other medicinal plants. These are usually targeted towards certain medical conditions as the terpenes will be especially suited to them. As an example, myrcene is added to soothe anxiety and limonene is added to help boost your mood. 

Is it as Effective? 

Yes, tinctures can be just as effective as using oil. The important thing to make sure they are labelled correctly and contain terpenes instead of isolates to guarantee that they have a good effect on your body. 

As to whether one is more effective than the other, this really is down to personal preference. Some people will find that tinctures work best, and others will much prefer the effects of oils. 

To Conclude 

CBD tinctures are just as effective as oils, capsules, and gummies. All you need to do is follow the advice above so that you are fully equipped to pick the right one as well as understand how to select a tincture that will be effective for your needs. It can sometimes be a case of trial and error, but in the end you will find the route that works best for you and your health.