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Best Way To Consume Cannabis Oil

Previously, Hemp was an illegal substance. Now that it has been legalized throughout the United States, cannabis oil has become a special item that is used for multiple purposes and can be consumed in different ways. In the last three years, cannabis oil has become so popular in the U.S., it is now a common commodity. Cannabis oil promises tons of health benefits and other pros. The substance can be used for both medical and recreational purposes. For newcomers, knowing the best way to consume Cannabis oil might be an overwhelming endeavor. However, consumption may vary from person to person. This has to be the case based on each person’s threshold. Factors like potency also play a role in how the substance should be consumed. Here we have highlighted different ways that you can consume the cannabis oil.

What Are Some Ways To Consume Cannabis Oil?

There are many ways to consume the cannabis oil. These methods are mostly safe and effective. Below, we have suggested a few popular ways to consume the cannabis oil. These options can help you find the type of effects you desire:

Taking Cannabis Oil Under the tongue

Generally, cannabis oil can be taken sublingually. In this case, the substance is directly absorbed by the mucous membrane just below the tongue. This method is arguably the most effective way to consume cannabis oil because it will easily make its way to the bloodstream and avoid going through the stomach and liver. Hence, the effects are likely to take effect quickly. Unlike pills or any other form of medication, taking a substance sublingually can rapidly put it inside the bloodstream in high concentrations. This is the case as a result of the level of the vascularity of the gums and cheeks.

Adding Cannabis Oil to your Smoothies

Another very popular method of consuming cannabis oil is when it is added to your smoothies. This method of consuming cannabis oil is effective because cannabis oil mixes well with fruits like mango. The reason is that both substances share a compound known as myrcene. All you need to do here is to add some drops of cannabis oil to any smoothie recipe of your choice and enjoy the effects you desire.

Adding Cannabis Oil to Tea

Cannabis tea has gradually become popular in recent times. Some teas contain several different amino acids. They also contain many balancing compounds that can be found in essential oils. These compounds generally act as stress reducers. Simply adding some drops of cannabis oil to tea before drinking it can give you nearly double the potency of the kind of calm and ease you desire. 

Adding Cannabis Oil to Baked Goods

Using your cannabis oil in baked foods is another great way to eat cannabis. There’s very little or even no taste at all of the cannabis in baked goods especially when you use the plant extract. When baking with cannabis oil you must consider the temperature of the meal you are preparing. This is because heating your cannabis oil to temperatures above 245 degrees Fahrenheit will likely burn the substance and kill off the effects you desire.

Adding Cannabis Oil to Whatever you are Cooking

Another way to consume cannabis oil is to add it directly into your cooking oils. It can be added to olive oil, canola oil, or coconut oil. This is one of the most common ways to inject it into your meal quickly. When you eat your meal, you’ll get the type of effects you desire. Remember that finding the proper dosage for the recipe of your choice may prove challenging. The general rule here is for you to start adding little amounts and go slowly until you can find the perfect dose for you in your meals.