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Best Way to Use Cannabis Oil

You must have heard many things about cannabis oil including the tons of benefits that it brings to the body. Cannabis oil offers a great way to consume cannabis. This content will benefit you if you are a newcomer to cannabis for medical purposes. It can also help you if you are not a fan of cannabis inhalation. Trying to find the best way to use cannabis oil may appear complicated initially, this content will help you. We will analyze the best way to use cannabis oil to help you determine which option will work best for you.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oils are concentrations of cannabis created by combining cannabinoids like CBD and THC from cannabis plants. The bulk of these types of essential oils you may find at dispensaries are created through chemical extraction. This method involves using a solvent to extract the above-mentioned cannabinoids along with many beneficial compounds (including terpenes and flavonoids) and adding them to hemp oil or MCT oil which are known as carriers.

There are many ways to extract oil from cannabis plants. Some of which are safer and more efficient. CO2 extraction has quickly become the golden standard for cannabis oil extraction since it produces a safer and more potent product (that’s free of waxes, chlorophyll, and other toxic residues). 

How to Use Cannabis Oil

There are now many more options than ever regarding how to use cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is arguably one of the most improved ways to ingest the substance (cannabis). Choosing a way to use cannabis is mostly about personal preference. While ingesting cannabis oil may not work as quickly as when it’s inhaled (through vaping or smoking), it could work faster than ingesting edibles. Cannabis oil comes in a broad range of potency options. 

One of the best ways to use cannabis oil is sublingual. To do this, place the oil under your tongue using a dropper. This way is effective because it is absorbed by your mucous membranes and directly goes into the blood. This allows the cannabis oil to bypass your stomach, hence, improving its bio-availability. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to take effect. 

Cannabis oil can also be used as an edible or as a capsule when it is added to food and drinks. Even though this method is very efficient, the bio-availability (the number of cannabinoids that enter your bloodstream after your body absorbs it) of whatever you consume is lower generally. This implies that your body won’t thoroughly absorb the cannabinoids because it has to pass through your stomach and liver. When consumed, cannabis oil can take about 30 to 90 minutes to take effect. Note that this can depend on what you have eaten and your body’s metabolism.

How to Dose Cannabis Oil

Dosing cannabis oil will mostly depend on the individual using it. Determining the right dosage for you will require experimentation. However, the general rule is to start low and go slow when dosing cannabis oil. You can go for the lowest dosage that offers the effects you desire. You can administer a dose that might be under what’s recommended on the label of the product. Begin the process with a few drops of the oil and wait for about one hour to see how you’ll react to it. The next step is to slowly increase the dosage until you have experienced the effects you are looking for. Remember, that when it comes to cannabis, more isn’t always better. There could be a small dosage window that will give you the best effects you desire. As time passes, you may need to adjust your dose. However, many people have come to see that a consistent dose administration can meet their needs in the long-term outlook.