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Can CBD get You Fired from a Job?

Getting Fired From a Job with CBD

CBD appears to be everywhere in the market as it provides a solution for inflammations, chronic pain, seizures, and anxiety levels. 

However, it is related to cannabis to the extent that it also contains some traces of THC, which is the ‘high’ giving component that is found in marijuana. 

For those reasons, the line between cannabis and CBDs is thin and may cause trouble to users, especially if they get unregulated CBD products with higher than allowed THC levels.

 The answer to the question if it is possible to get fired for using CBD is maybe. It is not clear the number of people that have been disciplined or failed drug tests because they were using CBD.


Not All of Them are Legal

There is a common myth that the farm bill legalized all CBD products. It is only if the hemp is produced in a way that is consistent with the farm bill, and the associated state regulations. 

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It is illegal to advertise CBD by adding it to food or putting a label, which implies that it is a dietary supplement, according to the Food and Drug Administration. 

The FDA also maintains that it is being marketed as an unproven medical claim, and they are of unknown quality. 

The FDA has also only seen limited data concerning CBD safety. 

The same is true for employers in the labor market. 

The distinguishing of CBD from marijuana is still murky, so the perspective of legality may not apply as it would for the medical sector. 

It may only stand when it comes to drug tests because most CBD products will not allow individuals to have the amount of THC to fail a drug test.  


Drug Test Issues


Despite the fact that CBD oil and other products are not able to get a person high in the same way marijuana can, the substance does pose a challenge when it comes to drug screening. 

Specialized employers such as NASA have informed their personnel that they should not use CBD unless they are prepared to fail a drug test. 

These employers have determined there are no standards governing manufacturing because the products still have trace amounts of THC. 

They will have more stringent checks and could detect smaller levels of it in the bloodstream. However, for the vast majority of the labor market, employers will not have the tools to detect THC levels in CBD users. 

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The levels are quite low as per the legal limit, which is 0.3 percent in the products.

Similarly, the employers are concerned with the ability to do one’s job, meaning if the workers are impaired or not. 

Employees and other job candidates should exercise their best judgment when it comes to the use of CBD and other cannabis derivatives. It would be advisable to get the employer’s position on these substances. 

Some of them are explicitly opposed to their use, while others are laxer. That being said, make sure to get their opinion before making any assumptions on the matter.


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