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Can CBD Help Acid Reflux?

Having shown its magical powers for anxiety and inflammation, CBD is now being hailed as treatment for Acid reflux. Many of us experience heartburn after eating oily and spicy foods, and acid reflux occurs when the excess acid of the stomach rushes backward through the esophagus into the throat and the mouth.

The problem arises when acid reflux becomes a lingering issue causing discomfort now and then. Gastroesophageal reflux diseases (GERD) is the chronic and severe form of acid reflux. People experience nausea, pain, and burning sensation in the abdomen, chest, and throat. Symptoms of GERD include sour liquid in the mouth, food regurgitation, wheezing, and difficulty swallowing.

Recent findings from Sweden indicate that CBD could prove beneficial for patients with acid reflux and GERD. This looks very promising as people are looking for alternative therapies to over-the-counter medications. They provide temporary relief and have long-term adverse effects on their health.

Let’s delve in further to find out the answer to the question: Can CBD help Acid Reflux?

CBD: A quick overview

You’ve possibly heard about CBD and the amazing benefits it offers. The buzz around the health benefits of CBD is getting louder with chocolates, gummies, skin creams, bath soaks, and even coffee having traces of this compound. The World Health Organization (WHO) is exploring CBD for its therapeutic benefits on the mind and body.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the compounds of the marijuana plant. Cannabis is renowned for the health benefits it offers in managing specific medical conditions. And since it does not exhibit psychoactive traits, CBD is fast becoming a popular lifestyle and wellness supplement.

As awareness around CBD increases, people are becoming better versed in the therapeutic capabilities of CBD in the treatment of certain gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. But how does CBD impact acid reflux as a whole?

How CBD works for an Acid reflux

Studies suggest that CBD has shown some profound impact on the human brain. Have you ever taken a CBD medication for anxiety and sought relief with your digestive issues? Indeed, that’s CBD working doubly to calm your mind and soothe your irritated gastrointestinal system!

The human body has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that performs functions of sensory management, pain perceptions, anti-secretory effects, etc. When CBD interacts with the ECS and its cannabinoid receptors, it reduces the secretion of the excess gastric acid in the stomach.

Further, CBD reduces inflammation and relaxes the muscle walls of the stomach and esophageal lining. It also prevents the gastric acid from gushing up the food pipe, pacifies spasms, and encourages the flow of food and waste products downwards. With lesser mobility of acid juices hitting against the esophagus walls and reduced inflammation, you will gradually experience relief from GERD symptoms.

According to Dr. Kenneth Brown, good quality CBD oil can treat ulcers and ease symptoms of acid reflux. Other digestive issues that may benefit from CBD include Irritable Bowel syndrome, gut mobility, and swelling of the stomach.

Treating Acid Reflux with the Right CBD Dose

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the dose of CBD for treating gastrointestinal disorders. Hence, it becomes difficult to determine the exact dose of CBD for acid reflux. The CBD dose also depends upon the person’s height, weight, age, and gender. As there is a no-size-fits-all scenario, you will have to start with low doses as an experiment.

Can CBD worsen my acid reflux?

High-quality cannabinoid oil will not harm your digestive tract, but the fight is to source pure forms of the oil. The Medical News Today states that “CBD has no known side effects”. And while ninety-nine percent of users report positive outcomes, a rare 1% of users have reported allergies to CBD use.

As with any new treatment option, you should consult your doctor before attempting to use CBD oil or any other Cannabis derivative. Failure to consume the right dosage may lead to undesired side effects.


People today are becoming more and more conscious about their health and well being. This is because many risks exist in the existing global climate that put you at the risk of acquiring infections. That’s why you should minimize these health risks before they can strike your well-being.

There are some groundbreaking studies needed to confirm the conclusive benefits of CBD for healing acid reflux. Even if you start CBD therapy, continue with your medical practitioner’s medications. Some medicines might chemically react with CBD, so consult your doctor regarding the same. Contact a reputed licensed CBD company to procure high-grade CBD oil that is safe and effective.