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Can CBD Oil Come up on a Drug Test?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is for treating anxiety, pain treatment, and balancing of thyroid hormones, among other conditions. CBD oil is derived from various cannabis plants and mostly from industrial hemp, a close cousin to marijuana. CBD is part of over 100 chemicals known as cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. Until recently, Cannabis has only been a drug that makes one high, have an increased appetite, and exhibit some psychotic behavior.  There has been an increase in research and testimonials on CBD’s benefits, presenting Cannabis as a wonder supplement. It is available in the form of cream, paste, and gummies, among others. The answer to “Does CBD Oil come up on a drug test” is dependent on several aspects. Besides, several factors may make you fail the test.

There are several compounds found in Cannabis, some with the same chemical structure but work differently in your body. Two of those compounds are Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol.  They are in both Hemp and Marijuana. Marijuana is known to have a higher concentration of THC than Hemp. THC is the compound that causes psychosis response.

Most companies test their employees for drug use, mostly if they work in sensitive departments. Other tests are necessary when you are carrying out diplomatic assignments or even in children’s custody cases.  There is a lot at stake if these substances are in your system.

Reasons why a test would turn positive during a drug test

False Labeling

CBD oil is an over-the-counter supplement that is not regulated by the FDA in the USA. The products on the shelves could be having different component labeling than the declared amount. It may be due to contamination or process control issues. In some cases, the companies are just not transparent.

CBD oil is supposed to have less than 0.3% THC as per the law. Random testing of some CBD oil has shown higher levels above 0.3% while they art e labeled 0.3%. Since it is not a pharmaceutical drug, authorities’ controls are not as strict, leaving manufacturers to drop their guard.

Testing Methods

The testing method also determines whether CBD oil comes out on drug tests.  There are a variety of tests available for testing drugs. A false positive is possible depending on the threshold of parameters set for the trial. Some tests cannot differentiate between THC and CBD. The gas chromatography method cannot tell the difference between CBD and THC.

Legal framework and standards

It is important to note that although under federal law in the USA, it is legal under the farm bill of 2018 to produce hemp with under 0.3% THC, CBD consumption is illegal in some states. Also, remember when traveling, Cannabis is still illegal in most countries around the world. Even in places where it is legal, it is essential to check the allowed limits long before taking that journey.

Purity of the product.

The form in which CBD is available differs. In real life, pure CBD does not exist. One can get the products in different spectrums.

  • Full-spectrum: whole hemp extract. Multiple cannabinoids in one product.
  • Broad-spectrum: specifically formulated to have zero THC but have multiple cannabinoids.
  • CBD isolate: Highly refined CBD at 99.9%

Consequences of failing a drug test

The consequences are dependent on national laws, country policy, or the reason for taking the drug test in the first place. Some people have lost well-paying jobs, child support, and visitations. Sometimes it isn’t easy to convince people how the drug got there in the first place. Some employers have updated their policies, while some countries have relaxed their laws in light of CBD.  Some states have strict cannabis laws that can get you jailed or even executed.


Before buying the product off the shelf, ask for a certificate of analysis to compare with the label. In case CBD oil comes up in a drug test, you may request a confirmatory test using another test method.  It is safe to go cold turkey and refrain for a while to be on the safe side. In case the test is a surprise, be upfront that you take CBD oil supplements.