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Can You Buy CBD Oil in Florida?

Even though the number of users of CBD is increasing worldwide, the question regarding its legality still lingers in the air. Since the WHO and FDA have yet to declare and attach their stamps of approval, no brand can say that their product is free of anything that might harm the humans.


Perhaps this is the reason, for which people living in Florida are so concerned about the legality of the CBD oil, despite knowing very well that the compound has proven to be extremely beneficial for the everyday use. 

What is CBD oil exactly?

First, let’s clear up our misconceptions about CBD oil. It is extracted from the cannabis plant or the marijuana plant, which has a lot of different cannabinoids and opium-like components. However, when the CBD oil is removed, the compounds which can impart a psychotic high is discarded completely because of which CBD oil would never create the euphoria which the other cannabis derivative, the THC can cause.


Most people are of the conception that CBD oil is the same as that of the THC compound. Because of that, they are hesitant in trying this product out. But, with so much research, it has been proven that CBD is entirely different from THC and hence is safe for human use.

Why is it not marked as a legal compound globally yet?

Even though CBD is not a drug or something that can create a psychotic euphoria in an individual, it is essential to learn that you can’t ignore the small amount of the hemp component which is present in the oil. Studies are still going on regarding the legality of CBD oil. But, due to the lack of proper information, this component has neither been marked legal nor illegal. 

What laws are there in Florida against CBD oil products?

In Florida, a lot of changes have been introduced in the laws which were once made regarding the manufacturing, production, and mass use of CBD products. First, in 2014, the state government legalized the use of CBD oil having low THC content for medicinal purposes in the state hospitals only. It was used to treat diseases like cancer, osteoarthritis, seizures, and so on. 


Later, in 2018, several amendments were made in the CBD laws, which brought some interesting  changes. For starters, the use of hemp having THC content up to 0.3% by weight was made legal. Apart from that, CBD extracts, including the CBD oil, were made standard and people were permitted to purchase them and use them. However, one condition was placed, which prevented brands from selling CBD oil having higher THC content or any other component which can generate a high.

Where can you buy CBD oil in Florida?

Now, coming to the central part of today’s discussion- where you can buy CBD oil in Florida?

As we have discussed earlier, it is now legal to have the product in this US state. So, we think it would be best if you buy CBD oil from a trusted brand online. But, make sure to check the labels and all the information to ensure that the product has maintained the limitations set by the Florida government. 


Can you buy CBD oil in Florida? While the WHO and FDA have yet to approve the legality of CBD oil, with the Florida laws, you can enjoy the benefits of the product if you are following the proper instructions.