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Can You Get CBD From Hemp?

CBD comes from the Cannabis plant, and manufacturers extract Cannabidiol from the hemp plant. Therefore, some people assume CBD oil is a drug that users consume to feel the psychoactive feeling of ‘high’, however, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. You should know that CBD oil is not psychoactive and has many medical benefits. In other words, it doesn’t impair you in the way that marijuana does. 

Hemp CBD vs Regular CBD

So can you get CBD from hemp? Consumers are easily confused when it comes to hemp oil benefits and CBD oil. Alternatively, they may refer to hemp seed oil as hemp extract or hemp oil. Still, these products are not the same. They produce CBD oil from everything off the stalk, including the leaves and flowers, from the hemp plant. These parts have a higher concentration level of CBD.

 Hemp seed oil comes from the Cannabis sativa plant’s seeds. It’s not the seeds that contain CBD, but they have a wealth of nutrients in them. If you’re lacking omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid, the seeds contain these as well as antioxidant benefits. No one uses hemp seed oil to get stoned, and the truth of the matter is the concentration levels are not high enough to produce the feeling of being “high”.

Users take hemp oil for pain and to relieve inflammation. It also may please you to know that it treats epilepsy. This is one of the many reasons carriers learn how to extract CBD oil from hemp.

Factors that Impact CBD Oil Amount

There are plenty of factors that influence how much of the CBD should be extracted from the hemp plant. Consider:

  • The way they extract hemp. There are three ways this is done: carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, and ethanol
  • How efficient technicians are and how smoothly operations go
  • The plant’s quality, the duration of the cultivation cycle, and genetic potential

 Since hemp seed oil doesn’t come from the leaves or stems of the cannabis plant, you won’t find any psychoactive properties (THC) in hemp seed oil.

The Role of Liquid Solvents

Various solvents are used to extract cannabinoids from hemp. They use ethanol to extract alcohol, so the process is like retrieving hexane and butane. Here, the oil extract is edible. Plus, you can find it in many beauty products in the marketplace.

Extracting from the Whole Plant

This process is a little more detailed than the others in that hemp is cultivated then sent off for extraction. They use the entire plant in the extraction process. It has to soak in grain alcohol. When it’s time, they pull the plant from the alcohol and what’s left contains CBD and must be vaporized to get 100% CBD oil. But it must dry prior to moving on to the next step.

Extracting CBD Oil

You can use fresh oils to extract CBD from the hemp plant. Mainly, users turn to olive oil for extraction and it’s been this way since ancient times. To activate the chemicals, they must heat the plant then add in olive oil. Then, it’s brought to high heat again to activate the chemicals and it remains over heat for a while. Olive oil is present because it does not evaporate.

Next, they separate the cannabinoids. One hemp plant can produce up to 1lb of pure CBD oil. To understand what this means, you would have to understand how you get CBD from hemp and how they measure crude oil.

 For instance, if you had one acre of hemp plants, you could get about 1,500 lbs of CBD hemp flower and 200 pounds of crude oil out of it. With that said, this could cost up to $300 per kilo. That’s about $30k in dollars, give or take a few.