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Can You Get Sick from Expired CBD?

Getting Sick With Expired CBD

Using CBD products before they expire would provide the best possible results. 

One can get the full benefit without having to worry concerning other issues or health concerns which appear when the products expire. 

Does CBD Oil Expire?

CBD oil certainly does have an expiry date. It does degrade, and that affects the senses. It also will not be as effective as it was before. CBD, which has expired, will also appear murky and cloudy. 

By holding the bottle up and examining what is inside, it should be able to tell if the CBD oil is nearing the end of the shelf life. 

Expired CBD products will typically taste bad as other things would, considering they become home to bacteria and mold as you go past the expiration date to use the product. 

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There is a reason why CBD products have expiration dates. 

Technically they do have an expiration, and they ought to display the information on the date on the label as required by the FDA guidelines

The expired CBD oils and tinctures are not dangerous to consume so long as the products do not also have other ingredients like foods that can decompose over time. 

That means one does not have to get worried about falling sick from using expired CBD if that’s all there is.

The trouble with expired CBD is it is probably not going to be as effective as it was previously. 

It is because the compounds in the oil may slowly break down and evaporate. That means the potency of the product is going to decrease over time. 

It can be hard to tell whether or not the CBD product is still good for use just after the expiration date. 


Factors to Consider About Expired CBD Products


Separation of Formula

The one thing to consider is a separation of the formula. 

That separation happens because the compounds have broken down and detached from each other, leading to a less homogenized product. 

Of course, it is not the objective of users to use CBD products, which are no longer effective or have reached their expiration date. 


How to Make CBD Last

There are some things the user can do to make the CBD oil last for as long as possible. 

Proper Storage

The best thing would be to store the CBD oil in the right way to avoid early expiration. 

The light and heat both promote oxidation, which is a process that causes the molecules of the compounds to break down at a fast pace.

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The result is evaporation and destabilization. Oxidation may also cause the CBD product to lose overall effectiveness, which is the reason why it is recommended to store an oil-based CBD product within a cool and dark place. 

How to Increase Shelf Life

From the time that CBD is gotten from the cannabis plant and set into a carrier oil, the shelf life of the oil is about two years, provided it is stored according to the conditions stated in the bottle. 

  • Keep the CBD product out of direct sunlight: one may notice the bottles of the CBD oil are going to come within brown glass bottles so that they minimize the levels of light exposure.
  • Keeping within a cool place: that would be achieved through making sure it is refrigerated or at least having the bottle out of sunlight and away from the sources of heat. If one is storing the product for a lengthy period, like years, then it is advisable to store within the freezer. The thing to ensure is that it has thawed. If CBD is not kept as cool, then it will convert so that it becomes another cannabinoid, which then causes the strength of the CBD oil to drop significantly.
  • It should be stored the right way: it may sound simple, but the bottle should be upright. Should the bottle not be in the correct position, then it is going to contact other materials apart from the glass bottle like plastic lids or the dropper pipettes at the top of the bottle.
  • Minimize the exposure to air: the air can deteriorate the CBD product. One may all of the CBD oil products come in the form of airtight containers. That means when it is being used; the best thing is to reduce the time the lid is off. One should also make sure when the top is returned to the product; it is screwed on the right way. 
  • Avoid any contamination: If the CBD is available with a dropper, then the best thing is to make sure not to allow the dropper to touch some things like the mouth. It could lead to passing germs into the liquid, and that could deteriorate. It is also right to have clean and dry hands before the use of CBD products so that bacteria and water will not enter the product. If the CBD oil does not have a pipette dropper, then it would be worth considering the transfer of the dose on to a spoon before ingesting it. 
  • Refrigeration: the fridge is an excellent place to put CBD as it reduces the temperatures where bacteria could thrive. The coldness of the refrigerator may not have adverse effects on CBD oil. 


Buy CBD When Necessary

The other thing would be to buy CBD when it is needed. 

Just because the company is having a sale does not mean that ten bottles should be bought at once unless those products will be used in the time frame before the end of the shelf life. 

Though CBD products expire from time to time, it does not mean they go bad in a manner that makes them off-limits to consume unless they have food additives, of course. 

Though, it would be advisable to have the most effective fresh CBD products possible, so the thing to make sure is to store the bottles in the right manner and not purchase more than what is needed at any given time. 


Buy CBD from a  Reliable Source


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Make sure that you get fresh CBD products from a reputable source. Whether you’re buying CBD online or in a physical store, you need to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Visit Panda CBD to get quality CBD products without the expiration issue.