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Can You Give CBD Oil To Puppies?

The relative newness of CBD oil makes it a bit of an unknown to so many people. However, it has, to a certain degree, been tested in a number of different ways and been seen to have a number of different uses. Nowadays, people are starting to utilize the benefits of CBD oil by adding it to their daily beauty regime or ingesting it for its calming effects.

CBD oil can be used to help relax people as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains other health benefits like a high amount of fatty acids that the body needs to have healthy skin, bones, and hair. It has also been argued to be beneficial to the brain down to those fatty acids too.

However, is it suitable for animals? And can you give CBD oil to puppies? Can it be used to calm nervous dogs who struggle with separation anxiety or any other mental strains? In this article, we look to answer those questions by exploring what exactly CBD oil is, where it comes from and, as a consequence, whether you can give CBD oil to a puppy or not.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil derives from the marijuana plant or Cannabis sativa. While it comes from the same plant as the drug cannabis, it does not contain the psychosis element of the leaf (THC). For that reason, users do not experience the same high or trip that they may otherwise have done from smoking or ingesting the cannabis leaf directly.

As an oil, it can be added to many things to help get it into the body. For humans, it can be used directly onto the skin or in beauty products. However, many users simply add it to their food or drinks to ingest it. The same can be said when trying to administer it to animals.

Can I Give CBD Oil To My Puppy?

Giving CBD oil to a puppy is a possibility if you’re worried about their anxiety or other issues. It’s important to remember that anxiety can also cause other problems other than just nervousness or whining; it can cause puppies to go off their food leading to an unhealthy weight loss. If you’ve tried other methods for calming your puppy or for relieving other issues they have, CBD oil may be a good option.

Benefits of CBD Oil

In animals, the benefits are also seen to be the same and can also be used in helping alleviate chronic pain or side effects from diseases such as cancer. As mentioned above, it can also be used to help with dogs that suffer badly with anxiety which is common in puppies. CBD oil has also been known to help with epilepsy. Finally, given that only a small dose is needed (and recommended), it’s quite simple to administer as it can be dropped into a dog’s food.

Risks of CBD Oil in Puppies

There are a number of side effects and risks you should be aware of before giving a puppy CBD oil. Firstly, they can become very drowsy. This may be expected given the calming effects of the oil, but a high dosage may go a step too far. Secondly, puppies have been seen to have a dry mouth so need to have a lot more water nearby. Lastly, blood pressure can drop so they may become a little dizzy.

It’s also important to remember that while some research has been carried out into CBD oil and puppies, it may not be as extensive as some owners would want it to be. Many unknowns in terms of dosage amounts still remain. As a result, advice is to start with low doses and increase if needed.


CBD oil is fast becoming an ingredient that is seen as providing many health benefits to its users. However, it’s still a newcomer to the world of medicine — both for animals and humans. As a result, it’s best to use it with caution while more research is being conducted as to the true benefits and risks to this oil.