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Can You Mix CBD Oil With E Liquid?

It seems that thousands of e-cigarette smokers are eagerly wanting to pair their high-quality e-liquids with cannabis-related products and enjoy an enhanced vaping experience. Looking for ways to create your own CBD vape juice? Can you actually mix e liquids with CBD oil in the first place? Long story short, but yes you can. However, there are certain things you need to know before doing so. This guide will try to shed some light for you into the needed details.

The Prerequisite to Mixing CBD Oil With e-Liquid

So can you mix CBD oil with e liquid? The truth is that you CAN create the perfect cannabis-delivery system out of your EC provided that your liquid is nicotine free. This is because CBD boosters are made for e-liquids that contain no nicotine, and mixing CBD oil with any nicotine-containing substance is NOT advised.

How to Mix CBD Oil and E-Liquid Into CBD Vape Juic

If you’ve bought your e-liquid from a trusted producer, you have already saved valuable time and effort as you don’t need to make vape juice manually using beakers and the likes. You simply heat your CBD oil and blend it in the right e-liquid amount until the blend reaches the desired ratio. The standard ratio is 1:1. However, some people find the 2:3 oil to e-liquid ratio more appealing.

To melt the CBD oil, microwave it on a lower setting for 90-100 seconds (you may need a bit more if the CBD oil is not as workable). Or you could put the oil in a bowl and place the bowl inside a pot containing water. Bring to a boil and see your oil melt. The last step is to mix your CBD oil with your e-liquid using a silicon or stainless-steel spatula until the blend is fully homogenized. Let it cool and place in your e-cig cartilage.

How to Mix CBD Oil with an E-Liquid

First of all, you will need a high-quality CBD booster shot, your fav vape juice, and of course a vaporizer to smoke your blend. The process is pretty straightforward as you only need to mix your CBD booster into your e-liquid into the vaporizer’s tank. Give it a good shake and you’re good to go.

Tip: Research the CBD oil that you will add into your tank because the strength of CBD oil products varies. Usually, how much CBD oil you should add is determined by your overall body mass and genetics. However, many other factors also play a role, so it’s recommended to start with a low dosage and slowly move your way up until you feel the desired CBD effect.

E-Liquid Products (Pre-Made and not) Mixed With CBD

The current market is characterized by abundance when it comes to the available CBD oil products you could use to mix in your e-liquid. For maximum convenience, you may even pick a readily available e-liquid that contains CBD or cannabis-flavored e-liquids that taste like the real thing!

That being said, you can choose from a wide selection of CBD e-liquids depending on the size, flavor, or strength you are after. You can even find fruity CBD e-liquids (i.e., strawberry, candy floss, grape, etc.) that do not taste much different from your regular vape liquids