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Can You Use CBD Oil in a Vape Pen?

CBD oil is one of the most prominent health product trends of our day. Because it comes in so many forms, you can easily find the one that suits you best. Many people prefer gummies and capsules due to the convenience, but CBD oil in the tincture form finds many fans as well thanks to its versatility and inexpensiveness. If you want cannabidiol to take action immediately, however, your best option might be the CBD vape pen. They bring you all the health benefits of cannabidiol while providing an oral fixation and quick relief. Many vapers wonder, “can you use CBD oil in a vape pen?” Stick with us for a few minutes and you’ll learn everything about CBD oil for vaping. 


Are CBD Oils Suitable for Vaping?

The short answer is “yes”. However, you can’t just take any oil, load it into your vape pen, and expect it to work properly. CBD oils are designed with a particular purpose in mind, and if its purpose is to be taken sublingually, it won’t do for vaping. 


CBD oil tinctures intended for oral or sublingual consumption are diluted with vegetable oils, normally coconut, olive, hemp, canola, and other food-grade oils. They are easily digestible and carry a bunch of nutrients (fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants, etc). However, what’s good for eating isn’t always good for being burned and smoked. Many oils result in a viscous fluid that produces excessive fumes and residue, the latter of which will clog your vape pen. Besides, whether you’re able to get any benefits of vaping such oil is an interesting question, and it’s more than likely that inhaling the fumes will result in more harm than good. Besides, they will smell and taste odd. 


With all that being said, there are CBD oils that are good for both eating and vaping that are mixed with a thinner and lighter carrier that makes vaping a breeze. If you intend to fill your vape pen with CBD oils, you need to hunt down this type of product. And what’s even better is if you opt for CBD vape juice.


CBD Oil and CBD Vape Juice: What’s The Difference?

Many consumers are sure that CBD oil is good for vaping because manufacturers themselves create this confusion. They often label their products as CBD vape oil, which makes buyers think that this product is actual CBD oil. In fact, CBD oil is a tincture and as you already know, more often than not, this is a poor choice for vaping. What manufacturers really mean by vape oil is vape juice or e-liquid infused with CBD extract.


CBD Vape Juice Are Not the Same

CBD vape oils aka vape juices are deprived of actual oils. More precisely, they don’t contain fatty acids. Instead, they are basically CBD dissolved in a thinning agent. In high-quality CBD e-liquids, vegetable glycerin and similar compounds play the role of a carrier.


Vegetable glycerin is one of the safest and most beneficial options out there because it doesn’t produce any harmful byproducts when being broken down by heat. Vaporizing under relatively low temperature, it provides generous thick clouds you’ll enjoy inhaling. 


One more great option for a thinning agent is distilled MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides). Obtained from coconuts or palm kernels, it’s safe for inhaling and allows CBD to vaporize at low temperatures which prevents the occurrence of carcinogenic substances. It’s also believed to promote the bioavailability (the degree of assimilation) of CBD and lends a few extra health benefits (for example, it normalizes the level of glucose in blood and aids to control appetite). 


You can also come across CBD vape oils blended with polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol (PEG and PG respectively) which are components of inexpensive low-quality products. These compounds are super light and easy to vaporize, and produce nice dense clouds while minimizing residues in a vaporizer. However, there is one serious drawback that may stop you from purchasing vape products containing PEG and PG. It turns out that polyethylene and propylene glycol break down into dangerous byproducts when being heated. You don’t really want formaldehyde or acetaldehyde to get into your lungs because they promote cancer. To make your experience with CBD safe and enjoyable, stick to more advanced MTC and vegetable glycerin thinning agents.


Summing it all up, CBD oil tinctures are not suitable for vape pens. What you really need is CBD vape juice. Just make sure to keep away from low-quality juices that tend to produce cancer-causing byproducts.