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Cannabidiol Treatments for Epilepsy and High Blood Pressure

Help of Cannabidiol for Epilepsy and High Blood Pressure

Research has shown CBD could be therapeutic for several medical conditions. 

Though the Food and Drug Administration treats CBD in the same manner as it does dietary supplements so it can go to market without verification on dosage. 

The following are some of the medical conditions CBD has been effective in treating in one way or another.


Reports concerning the use of CBD as a treatment for epileptic seizures in children have been around for some time, but there is now scientific evidence that appears to support the evidence of effective treatment. 

A study done in 2018 within the New England Journal of Medicine showed that it is effective at the reduction of seizures within people suffering from a form of epilepsy known as Lennox Gastaut syndrome. 

The FDA also approved the use of an oral CBD alternative for LGS and Dravet Syndrome.

Cancer Treatment

CBD treatment for cancer has been for its use in reducing nausea and vomiting that come with chemotherapy treatment. 

Two CBDs, which are Marinol and Cesamet, have been approved by the FDA to assist with these side effects. 

Researchers have also noted that CBD can slow the advance of cancer within patients. These claims are yet to be effectively investigated in research studies. 


Cannabis-based topical products have been used in the treatment of related issues such as psoriasis and acne

They can accelerate the healing of damaged skin. 

Historical documents show the preparations of cannabis have been used to soothe skin ailments in a range of cultures. 

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The use of concentrated CBD oils has been used to treat skin cancers, and the approach is gaining clout with a lot of documented cases showing people being cured of carcinoma and melanoma type skin cancers.

High blood pressure

Researchers studied the effects of CBD on a group of males between the ages of 19 and 29 who were nonsmokers.

They had also not used cannabis in their lives. It became apparent that a dose of CBD reduced the resting blood pressure levels by 6 millimeters of mercury.

It also indicates a reduced risk of stroke. The study, which was published in a peer-reviewed clinical journal, concluded the response was because of CBDs anxiety-reducing and reductive pain advantages.


Several studies, including one which was published in February by the American Journal of Pathology, suggest that CBD may play a significant role in the outcomes of people who have diabetes

Observational research studies have illustrated people using marijuana have a lower level of fasting insulin levels and measures of resistance to insulin.

Pain Relief

When CBD reaches a network of cells known as the vanilloid receptors, the interaction may result in a lower level of inflammation levels and pain perception. 

Research has found that CBD may assist people with arthritis to manage their pain levels. 

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The study, which was done on animals in 2016 June, considered the use of a transdermal CBD gel, which effectively reduced the levels of inflammation and pain in the subjects.


The Future of CBD Products in the Medical Field

Researchers and medical professionals are still determining the effects and benefits of CBD from how it can affect people with coronavirus to migraines.

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New age medicine such as cannabidiol treatments is slowly making its way to the forefront, but it’s advised to use them with caution. 

As much as there are multiple studies that prove its efficacy and benefits, it still pays to be careful while being informed. 

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