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CBD Edible

Panda CBD’s Edible

CBD infused edibles can bring a lot of good benefits such as digestive relief.

Panda CBD’s edibles can be a great alternative to any other way of taking CBD, which can give you the effects that everyone could benefit from.

What Does CBD Do?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that comes from marijuana or hemp plants.

It provides a variety of effects, ranging from being calmer to even be able to treat those who suffer from seizures, without having to get you “high” or deal with any of the negatives that THC can cause.

People who use it have reported feeling calmer, feeling less stressed, get better sleep, fight the effects of addiction, treat seizures, reduce anxiety, and a plethora of other benefits.

If any of these is even the slightest bit appealing to you, you should go and look into which of our gummies you feel you should try first.

What Are  Cannabidiol  Infused Edibles?

CBD edibles are simply CBD products that you can eat.

Panda CBD’s edibles allow you to give yourself your preferred dosage inside of a gummy.

When taking our edibles, you’re giving yourself access to a long-lasting form of CBD in a tasty package.

Types of CBD Edibles


CBD Protein Bars

Gym rats will love these bars with a mix of healthy CBD and protein.

CBD Gummies

Just like your favorite gummy bears but with CBD. It usually comes in a gummy bear shape, but you can also enjoy them as rings, fruits, or other fun shapes.

Get this: you can also order a gummy that gives you the ability to control the dosage.

CBD Dried Fruit

Another twist to one of your favorites: CBD dried fruits.

If you want to stay away from sweets, this is an ideal alternative. CBD dried fruits have become more popular among health-conscious people.

Why Should You Choose These Edibles?

Unlike oils or topicals, our CBD gummies do have a handful of things going for them:

  • Oil-based CBD extracts tend to have an unpleasant bitter taste which can be a turn off for a lot of people, our CBD infused edibles have a great taste that will make you less hesitant to take some. Just be sure you don’t like them too much and eat them all too fast.
  • They are a lot more beginner-friendly than oils. Edibles are far easier to dose than a liquid such as oil; they don’t require any forms of measurement. CBD can be used to de-stress, the last thing you want is to stress yourself over its dose.
  • Edibles are more discreet. Our CBD gummies are a lot easier to take in public than something like oil and leaving a droplet under your tongue for a while before swallowing; eating a gummy bear is a lot more inconspicuous than taking a capsule or using oil.
  • No risk of lung irritation. Some people are consuming their CBD through methods of vaporization; while vaping your CBD will work for some people, others might have lung issues that could get in the way, or might just not be comfortable vaping the substance. An edible has no chance of irritating your lungs if you eat it right.

Will I Still Get the Benefits?

Of course! Our edibles will still be able to deliver the effects that all our other forms of CBD offer.

After you wait for the edible to enter your digestive system, you will start to feel the positives that you are either already used to or are experiencing for the first time.

What Do These Edibles Do?

They will allow you to use CBD in a much more convenient and appealing format.

It can help with everything ranging from stress to pain to seizures; we’re sure that you would be able to find some use of our gummies.

Who Would Benefit From CBD Edibles?

Anyone who wants to make use of CBD would be able to benefit from our gummies.

They are a tasty way to consume CBD while being far easier to dose than other forms of CBD, and being far more appealing to newer users.

Despite not being able to get you high, CBD oils and other forms of consumption may still cause you to test positive on drug tests because of their very minimal amount of THC.

If you work somewhere where drug tests are common but still wish to feel the great effects that CBD has on your life, then you should opt for gummies over anything else due to their lack of THC.

Are CBD Edibles Legal?

CBD infused edibles are free of THC due to them being derived from the hemp plant.

This makes them legal in many states where you are only allowed to purchase, possess, and consume cannabinoids if they have a THC content of 0%.

Quality Edibles from Panda CBD

Panda CBD offers CBD gummies that are not only delicious but healthy as well.

Before you decide to buy CBD edibles online, you should consult with a physician to see if they feel that it is the best choice for you, or if it may interfere with any of your prescription medications.

Your doctor may also be able to help you decide what dose would be right for you to start with, and then you can easily take your desired dose with the ease edibles have in this domain.

Once you’ve gotten the okay from your physician then you’re all set to fill your cart and check out.

Our gummies are a great way for you to start making use of the calming abilities and the relief that CBD has been known to give to people in a way that seems much more approachable.

After speaking to your physician, go and decide which of our gummies you want to try first.

Send us a message to know more about our gummies!