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Calming Nervous Tics with CBD: Is it Possible?

Is it Possible To Calming Nervous Tics with CBD?

Nervous tics may come from a variety of issues, from ADHD to neurological disorders such as Tourette’s.

ADHD stimulants may not cause the tics though they can evoke tics within genetically predisposed individuals.

Nervous tics are sometimes uncontrollable, and they will have a severe effect on the individual’s quality of life.

Now, research suggests that CBD products could reduce the intensity and the frequency of your nervous tics and thereby provide a better quality of life for the patients that suffer from the condition.

The Science Behind It

The way it works is CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system allowing for a balance in the system that reduces inflammation and pain sensations.

A significant role of the endocannabinoid system is the regulation of movement through modulating activities through dopamine.

The endocannabinoids perform differently to other neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin.

For example, dopamine is synthesized before and stored within the vesicle.

When there are stimuli, it is released and crosses the synapse, thereby causing activation.

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The endocannabinoids are the main components of the cell membranes, which are made as needed. Because they are hydrophobic, their effects are localized.

Experiments show that dopamine triggers the release of anandamide and that could act as a brake for dopamine levels.

Correcting the neurotransmitter balance could be a factor when it comes to neurological and psychiatric disorders and particularly Tourette syndrome, where there is some hyper-functionality of the dopamine system.

It should be noted, though, that CBD is not a treatment for neurological disorders such as Tourette’s and ADHD. It does assist in the management of particular symptoms which these individuals experience.

CBD as an Advanced Treatment for Tourette’s

Researchers have also looked into Tourette’s, which is the leading cause of nervous tics for children and adults.

In searching for some of the new approaches to combat the condition, the research considered CBD as an alternative treatment.

Advocates and Tourette’s patients have found that it can have a positive effect on the severity of both motor and vocal tics, thereby providing relief.

Two cannabinoids were highlighted, and these were THC or Tetrahydro-cannabinol and CBD, cannabidiol.

Some people with the conditions may struggle from time to time with anxiety, and it can make the symptoms worse.

The great thing is there is some evidence which illustrates that CBD products can help with anxiety symptoms after all. Clearly, there is a correlation between the use of CBD and calming effects on the nervous systems.

It helps with pain and inflammation, meaning it can function as an effective mood stabilizer and for tics because of its wide-reaching effect on neurological problems.

The trouble remains in the dosage part because it is dependent on the body chemistry and weight of the individual.

There are some suggestions that it should be at least 1 mg per ten pounds of body weight.

Up for CBD? Consult Your Doctor First

You should consult medical advice on which CBDs to take and the dosage if the goal is to calm nervous tics because they are a drug like any other.

As mentioned it is yet to determine if CBD has a huge significant effect on people with nervous tics.

Check if CBD is right for you.


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