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CBD Hemp Oil and ALS

ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a neurological condition that has been diagnosed in over 30,000 people throughout the United States. Additionally, roughly 5,000 people each year receive an ALS diagnosis in the US. A person with ALS will have noticeable jerks associated with the condition that is due to the disease killing necessary voluntary motor neurons in the body. Basically, involuntary jerks replace voluntary movement. Although there are currently certain medications that can help ALS patients, there is much that is still being learned about the condition. A treatment option growing in popularity is CBD hemp oil. Here’s some more information on the connection between CBD hemp oil and ALS, as well as some of the ways CBD hemp oil can help alleviate ALS symptoms. 


Research is continuously ongoing within the ALS realm, but what is known is that studies show that ALS symptoms are exacerbated by the act of combat oxidative stress and inflammation within the neurons. The stress essentially causes voluntary muscle neurons to die leading to noticeable jerks. Studies have shown that a regular regimen of CBD hemp oil slows down stress in the neurons allowing them to maintain functionality for a much longer period of time.

Muscle Relaxant

Tense muscles throughout the body can make ALS symptoms worse. Spasms throughout the body happen without warning and can be drastic, causing both embarrassment for the patient and sometimes bodily harm to those caring for the patient. CBD hemp oil works on a neurological level to relax muscles throughout the body and potentially ward off possible spasms. Those with advanced ALS often benefit greatly from taking CBD hemp oil as their spasms become more pronounced. The oil allows the patient to relax without possible side effects from pharmaceuticals.

Respiratory Assistance

It’s the slow shutting down of vital organs that often leads to the death of an ALS patient. Primarily, the patient can maintain most functionality provided their bronchial tubes continue to function. Unfortunately, bronchial failure is all too common and labored breathing from the patient tends to require the help of a ventilator just to maintain their breathing. Most often, ALS patients experience breathing issues at night as the body relaxes during REM sleep. It’s not uncommon for an ALS patient to pass during the night while they are asleep, but CBD hemp oil can provide a natural solution as it helps maintain open bronchial tubes just as it does with asthma patients, so the ALS patient can sleep without worry.

Pain Relief

Neuropathic conditions such as ALS can be remarkably difficult to treat and many patients report a considerable amount of pain along with the other symptoms. Pain management is limited with ALS patients as most prescription pain medications cannot actually alleviate neuropathic pain. However, CBD hemp oil has proven to be an excellent pain management option for this particular type of pain. Receptors in the brain, while on CBD, are allowed to relax and its natural anti-inflammatory properties provide significant pain relief that prescription medications are simply unable to alleviate.

CBD hemp oil has many remarkable benefits to a wide range of ailments and more benefits are being discovered every day. If you have ALS or know someone who does, ask your doctor about CBD and what it can do for the condition. As more states are becoming more open to the use of natural CBD, more doctors are following suit.