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CBD Hemp Oil For Bipolar Disorder

Millions of people around the world have been using CBD oil to ease the symptoms of conditions like bipolar disorder. People who live with bipolar disorder tend to experience dramatic shifts in mood, energy levels and concentration. Up to 1.6%% of the world’s population are living with bipolar disorder, which equates to around 70 million people. Some people’s symptoms are more severe than others. Luckily many have turned to CBD hemp oil for bipolar disorder help. 

Why are people with bipolar disorder using CBD? 

Many people facing challenges with bipolar disorder are using CBD as an alternative to their normal medication. Some people say traditional bipolar medication comes with too many unpleasant side effects, whilst others claim it makes little difference if any at all. 

Potential benefits of CBD

Studies have found that CBD can prevent brain damage and help neurotransmitters to work efficiently. This seems to support the claim that it can stabilise mood. Those living with bipolar disorder that are considering using CBD must choose the right product for their needs. Whatever product is used, it must have a very low level of THC, if any at all. THC is the psychoactive element of the marijuana plant that causes smokers to feel ‘high’. The product that you use must have undergone third-party lab testing. You should also be careful if you are already on medication, as the oil could interfere with it. If you are planning on taking CBD in any form whilst using medication, it’s important to consult your doctor first. 

What is life with bipolar disorder like? 

Although everyone experiences some mood fluctuations, the swings experienced in bipolar disorder tend to be much more severe. This can make it very hard for them to go about their day-to-day lives. Many people have used a range of prescription drugs to achieve stability, and the process of finding something suitable can be lengthy. 

Manic, hypomanic and depressive episodes

Those living with bipolar disorder can experience manic, hypomanic and depressive episodes, which can last for considerable periods. During manic episodes, people sometimes act in reckless ways and may experience delusions, psychosis and paranoia. In hypomanic experiences, people are often able to go about their day normally to some degree but may also experience distraction and extreme anxiety. A major depressive episode can be extremely dangerous and can include thoughts on death and suicide. 

What causes bipolar disorder? 

Bipolar disorder can be caused by a mix of factors. Causes can include hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances, post-traumatic stress, genetic predisposition, excessive stress and neurodegenerative disorders. Medications often used to treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder include antipsychotics, mood stabilisers, anticonvulsants and antidepressants. Counselling, nutritional support, herbal medicine and lifestyle and environmental changes have helped some people manage the symptoms. 

Why choose oils? 

CBD products including oil are becoming more and more popular with people living with bipolar disorder. Many people use oils and tinctures because they help them take a precise dose and can be consumed with ease. These products blend a CBD extract with oil and can come in various potencies. Oil dosage calculators are available to help you consume the right potency and dose for your needs. The product that you opt for should be high in therapeutic CBD and low in or free from THC. More and more people are citing CBD oil as helping them manage the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Contact us today not if you’re looking CBD products.