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CBD Oil for a Tooth Infection

CBD oil is growing in popularity and is being used for more and more health issues like alleviating pain and even showing potential to help with nerve regeneration. This naturally occurring substance is showing massive amounts of promise in the medical field, but can you take CBD oil for a tooth infection?

The short answer is that you absolutely can, however, don’t expect a miracle cure. CBD can have many benefits when dealing with a tooth infection, but let’s take a look at this question further to understand how exactly CBD oil can help.

Will CBD Get You High?

To answer this very commonly-asked question: no, using CBD oil will not get you high in any way. The CBD compound is purely medicinal and designed for things like pain relief and relaxation as well as calming spasms. The compound that causes a high is called THC and is not found in medicinal CBD products.

If you used hemp-based CBD, you have absolutely no risk of ingesting THC as this particular form doesn’t actually produce the compound – part of why hemp is such a popular choice. The only way you will get high from CBD oils or other CBD products is buying from an unreliable source.


Can You use CBD for Tooth Infection Pain?

Yes you absolutely can, and it can do a good job of helping to relieve your pain. However, you must not smoke CBD oil after you have had a dental procedure that involves removing the tooth. This is because the sucking motion can cause the blood clot in the hole to become damaged, leading to what is known as dry socket.

This can lead to both the nerve endings and the bone becoming prone to a range of infections. This will also cause severe facial pain that will need professional help to try and rectify. Never smoke the oil after a procedure — always eat it.

While most people experience pain relief from CBD after dental procedures and during tooth infections, this is not the case for everyone. It can depend on the severity of the infection and your body – we are all built differently, and things impact us in different ways.


How Long Should You Wait to Smoke CBD after Tooth Extraction?

You should wait a good seven days before you smoke CBD again, sticking to edible versions for the time being. These will alleviate the pain and help you to feel a little calmer, but without the awful risks that come with smoking after an extraction.

Even during a standard tooth infection, you should stick with the edible version as you don’t know what kind of damage smoke CBD and the sucking action can cause the inside of your mouth. It’s best to play it safe and avoid it.


To Conclude

CBD oil can be a great help during a tooth infection, soothing the pain, and making you feel a little less tense about the situation. However, you must be careful how you take it and should stick with edibles for as long as possible throughout the process. While it’s not going to get you high, it could cause a dry socket in your mouth which you really don’t want.