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CBD Oil For Dogs For Thunderstorms

When it comes to your pet dog, everything seems to be different. No matter what the situation is, you can never compromise your dog’s well-being, be it a simple upset stomach or a fever. So, as a result, it’s understandable for a dog owner to panic on seeing the rising frenzied behavior of their pet during thunderstorms.

Dogs are much more sensitive than humans. Even a child is scared of the loud booming sounds that the storm makes. But in the case of a dog, it escalates, and because of this, they behave aggressively and strangely. So, if you want to provide relief to your pet from the thunderstorms, the best option will be to use CBD oil.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Yes, indeed it is, and that’s why we are here to clear your confusion about the CBD product and make you more knowledgeable about the contribution of this herbal product towards the dog’s health.

How Can CBD Help With Dog Anxiety?

Just like with humans, dogs can also become anxious. This particular animal species is tuned in to the environment. For this reason, mainly they get worked up if something sudden happens around them. Now, when it thunders during the storm, your dog can’t help but show signs of distress, an agitated state, and fear. This is where the application of CBD oil is essential.

The oil will help release serotonin- an essential hormone in dogs that imparts a calming effect on the animal’s mind. The serotonin hormone will counteract their adrenaline hormone, thereby bringing down the various organ systems to their original functioning level. After a couple of minutes of application, you will be able to see calm returning to your pet’s face, and he won’t drool too much. His breathing rate will become normalized, and he won’t move around in a confused state.

When To Give CBD To Your Dog?

Now, this is something that every dog owner has to know. Since you are bonded with your pet so nicely and deeply, you will have to understand his condition. Based on that, you have to make the final call about whether you want to use CBD oil for dogs for thunderstorms.

If the thundering is happening smoothly, with no sudden sounds, your dog might not react that violently and hence, you can skip the dose of CBD. But, if he shows signs of violence and aggression, and it is getting more difficult to control him, you can use the oil to calm him down.

Here are the symptoms you have to look for to decide whether your dog is suffering from storm anxiety or not.

  • Loss of appetite
  • Trembling and continuous pacing 
  • Whimpering while trying to hide in a corner 
  • Barking a lot with showing signs of aggression 
  • Growling and screeching when someone tries to get near him 

How To Use CBD Oil For Calming Down A Dog’s Anxiety Levels?

Since you are using CBD oil for your dog, the application might be a little tricky initially. But with repeated use, you will become a pro. You can either use the oil in the vapor to spread the fumes in the room’s air along with lavender or thyme. You can also use the oil and apply it topically on his skin in between the fur. 


Using the CBD once wouldn’t help you in calming down your dog thoroughly. It would help if you used it so that his brain functions in a calming way and not in a defensive manner. CBD is safe for dogs, but you can still consult with your vet before ordering a vial of the oil.