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CBD Oil for Vestibular Disease

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and that is certainly true. For anyone who has owned a dog, their loyalty and unending love is something to be cherished. Owners also understand when something is not completely right with their pet. Just as we take our children to the pediatrician, we take our beloved dogs to the veterinarian when they are feeling bad. However, sometimes the problem is much more substantial than just a simple vet visit and booster shot. Often conditions like Vestibular Disease take over our dog’s life leaving us with little to help, but new research shows that we have an ally in our ability to treat our dog’s naturally. That solution is CBD Oil for Vestibular Disease.

What is Vestibular Disease?

Most dog owners will never know the pains of Vestibular Disease, but for those that have contended with the condition, it is debilitating for the dog and disheartening for the owner. Vestibular Disease is a condition that affects the dog’s brain stem, specifically the vestibular nuclei and cerebellum. What happens when this condition takes hold is an inability for the dog to maintain balance and jerk from time to time. Vestibular Disease can be severe or mild, but treating the condition with traditional medicine is not viable. However, CBD oil has shown considerable promise in treating Vestibular Disease and other neurological disorders in animals. 

Benefits of Treating Vestibular Disease with CBD Oil

Vestibular disease can be central or peripheral. With Peripheral Vascular Disease, the dog can be caused by hypothyroidism or an ear infection. Central Vestibular disease can be caused from a stroke, tumors, or vascular infarctions. Diagnosis can be difficult in both circumstances and with vestibular disease, time is important to properly treat the condition and CBD oil treatments offer substantial benefits compared to traditional medications. 

A Great Assistant

One of the most important things to know about Vestibular Disease is that it is generally a secondary condition. Vestibular disease is brought on by ear infections and neurological disorders that cause seizures. CBD Oil works as an assistant to prescription medications. While treating the initial issue, CBD Oil maintains the dog’s faculties and reduces the neurological effects of the first condition. 

Few Side Effects

Side effects are often worse than a medication. This is true with humans as well as our beloved pets. Vestibular Disease can be treated with prescriptions prescribed from the veterinarian, but many of these drugs, although helpful in many ways, also have side effects that can be torture for your dog. Nausea, vomiting, and even mood swings are possible, but when treating Vestibular Disease and other underlying conditions with CBD oil, there are virtually no side effects. 

A Well Tolerated Treatment Option

CBD Oil is a natural solution and therefore is well tolerated in most circumstances in animals. It helps your dog feel better without interacting with other treatment needs, the dog’s food, or lifestyle. CBD Oil helps your pet feel better without the negative effects of common prescriptions medications. 

We have seen vast improvement over the years in studies using CBD Oil in humans for specific neurological disorders. Seizures and other debilitating issues within the Vestibular Disease category in dogs can reduce their quality of life, but CBD Oil can give it back to them. It is time to take a more natural approach to your dog’s health with help from CBD oil  and its many benefits for Vestibular Disease.