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CBD Oil That Makes You Sleep

CBD oil only debuted on the mainstream market a few years ago, but it’s already available in countless shops online and across the US. As several countries across the world debate whether or not to legalize the medical use of CBD, scientists continue to explore how the chemical affects the human body. In fact, CBD may have eclipsed THC in popularity, thanks to its numerous potential benefits that come with less psychoactive side-effects.

If you’d like to use CBD oil, the last thing you need is to be confused or apprehensive about how it’ll affect your daily routine. For example, it’s not uncommon for would-be users to wonder how CBD may affect their sleep cycle and may be looking for CBD oil that makes you sleepy. Let’s explore this below.

What Is CBD?

Before we altogether assume that you’re familiar with CBD oil and start discussing its possible effects, let’s get what exactly the chemical is out of the way. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound that naturally occurs in the flowers, stem, and leaves of the cannabis plant. Most legally marketed CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp. This cousin of the marijuana plant has THC concentrations that are less than 0.3% and, therefore, can’t produce any psychoactive effects.

Is CBD Different from THC?

It’s virtually impossible to discuss the effects of CBD oil without bringing up THC. While both THC and CBD are potent cannabinoids that are extracted from the cannabis plant, the two compounds are poles apart, especially in terms of how they affect the user. THC works by attaching itself to what are known as CB-1 receptors in your brain. Conversely, CBD attaches itself to CB-2 receptors that are found in cells throughout your body. However, it doesn’t affect the central nervous system. Scientists are still attaining complete insight on how each of these compounds affects your body, but this glaring difference could very well be the reason why, unlike THC, CBD isn’t a psychoactive compound.

Does CBD Oil Affect Your Sleep Cycle?

It’s not in any way unreasonable to assume that using CBD oil may keep you up at night, or worse, make you sleep during an important work meeting. So does CBD oil make you feel sleepy? The simple answer is no—although CBD may help you fight insomnia and several sleep disorders, it doesn’t make you sleepy. Drowsiness or euphoric sensations are side-effects of cannabis products that are rich in THC. Rather than making you feel sleepy, CBD actually provides a relaxing feeling. Numerous studies have, however, proven how the compound helps PTSD patients. CBD helps alleviate symptoms of insomnia by reducing pain and stress, two factors that keep a lot of people up at night.

Full-Spectrum vs Isolate CBD

Before you use CBD oil, you should keep in mind that isolate CBD (99% pure, no THC) is slightly different from full-spectrum CBD oil (up to 0.3% THC). Researchers unequivocally concluded that isolated CBD oil doesn’t have any sedative effects and therefore can’t make you feel sleepy. Full-spectrum CBD oils and products, on the other hand, generate a lot of mixed reactions. Full-spectrum CBD oil may contain traces of terpenes, THC, and other organic compounds that may cause drowsiness. However, the amount of such compounds is minimal in hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD oil, which means that even then you’re unlikely to get sleepy by using CBD oil.