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Why CBD Tincture is the Best Method for Taking CBD Oil

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Every year that passes, CBD becomes more and more popular. We hear about it in the news, from our friends, in ads, and even from health professionals. Read here about the question, is CBD oil healthy. CBD (Cannabidiol) is being used as an alternative remedy for many people suffering from many different health ailments, including anxiety, inflammation, and many more. CBD can also help ease nausea. There are a plethora of CBD products to buy on the market, including CBD oil in a tincture. This has become one of the most popular methods for using CBD. In this article we’ll explain why CBD tincture is the best method for taking CBD oil. 

What exactly is a CBD oil tincture and how does it work?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is most commonly purchased in small glass or plastic bottles known as tinctures, which come with a dropper. CBD drops from a tincture can be applied under the tongue, into food and drink or onto the skin. Flavored CBD drops are also available, with honey being a particularly popular one. 

Do CBD tinctures contain marijuana, cannabis or hemp? What is the difference?

This is difficult to answer, as the tinctures themselves contain only what is placed within them. To answer this more fully, it is important to explain the difference between CBD oil, cannabis, marijuana, and hemp. Cannabis refers to the cannabis plant, which can be grown in different ways. One way produces marijuana, and the other way produces hemp. Marijuana is grown for the purpose of producing a “high” that many people most commonly associate with cannabis. This high comes from the active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. Hemp, on the other hand, does not contain THC, and the hemp plant is grown for medicinal purposes as well as producing hemp clothing, beauty products, and a variety of other uses.

CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis plant. However, whether it contains THC or not depends entirely on how it was made, the extraction process, and whether it was produced from marijuana or hemp crops. If you are concerned about experiencing a “high” from using CBD oil, then you should always make sure to review the label and speak with your seller to confirm the THC content and what type of cannabis plant the CBD was derived from. Keep in mind that the vast majority of CBD oil and other CBD products that are available for sale, however, come from hemp with no THC this is called THC-free CBD tincture.

Why is a CBD oil tincture the most convenient dosage method for CBD oil versus other products?

First of all, CBD tincture is the most common way that CBD oil is packaged and one of the most popular options to buy on the market. Most CBD product sellers choose tinctures because they are small, sturdy, and easy to use. Second, tinctures come with a dropper located within the lid, which means dosage control for the user is made very simple. All you have to do is apply as many CBD drops as desired and in any way you choose. Third, the tincture is subtle and easily able to be used in public without any concerns. There is no smell, no smoke, and no fuss, so you don’t have to worry about it as a health concern for others. Finally, CBD oil tinctures are available in many flavors such as mint and mango, which is great for a user who does not enjoy the nutty and herbal taste of pure CBD oil. Liquid honey tinctures are particularly common, with the sweetness of the honey offsetting the natural CBD oil flavor and making it far more palatable.

Why should I use CBD oil tinctures over other dosage methods?

As well as the above-mentioned reasons for it being the most convenient dosage method, CBD oil tinctures have other advantages. Taking CBD oil by placing drops directly under the tongue, holding it in your mouth for around 30 seconds, then swallowing, will produce fast and long lasting results. This is known as the sublingual dosage method.

Smoking or vaping CBD

Smoking or vaping CBD oil produces faster effects for the user, however, they’re not as long lasting as using the tincture. Plus, you’ll need to contend with the smell of smoke or vapor for yourself and others and possible damage to your health, especially your lungs. CBD drops from a tincture do not have this problem. 

Topical CBD oil

Another popular method for taking CBD oil is to rub it directly onto the skin. Not only can the user achieve this with a tincture, but a tincture is also the ideal dosage method for when you cannot do this if you need to take CBD oil internally.

Ingesting CBD

The final method is ingestion in food or drink, which can again be easily accomplished with the CBD oil tincture