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CBD for birth control

Does CBD Affect Birth Control?

There are numerous birth control methods, from one-time contraception to permanent contraception and hormonal to non-hormonal. In the United States, contraceptive pills are by far the most commonly used method of birth control. With the increased hype around oral CBD oils and topical CBD creams, some concerns have been raised about whether CBD and birth control can be used together. So does CBD affect birth control? And if so, to what extent does CBD affect birth control?

Hormone-based birth control such as the pill can cause side effects such as anxiety and mood changes. Some women like to treat this by taking CBD oil. CBD drops are popular for the natural relaxation effect on the body and mind. Some even use CBD as a means for pain relief. If you’re taking a contraceptive pill in combination with CBD, it’s wise to investigate what the effects of CBD on birth control can mean for you.

The Effects Of CBD On Birth Control

A recent study indicated that the cannabinol compounds (CBD) fail to stimulate estrogen receptors tested in vitro at high concentrations because CBD competes with estradiol and disrupts its proper working. Estradiol is the naturally occurring estrogen in your body.

Moreover, research revealed that CBD has shown some side effects towards the liver. The liver enzyme called P450 is responsible for metabolizing any drug and potentially toxic compounds in the liver. When CBD is taken in higher doses it can slow down the activity of the P450 system. Put simply, CBD can cause drugs to spend more time in the P450 system and therefore affect birth control, especially estrogen-based birth control. This is troublesome as the liver is responsible for over fifty percent of the estrogen metabolism by cytochrome P450 enzymes.

If the effect of CBD on the estrogen-based contraceptives such as pills, injections, rings, and patches is severe enough, it can increase the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Thus, it ‘s important that you’re aware of these possible side effects when using an estrogen-based contraceptive pill in combination with CBD.

Safe Birth Control Options For CBD

As discussed, the estrogen-based pill can be affected by CBD, but this is not the case for all birth control. On the contrary, progesterone-only alternatives have proven to be a more reliable form of birth control if you are using CBD.

And there is good news for those of you who are using IUDs and condoms because CBD does not affect these types of birth control. If you like to use an oral birth control pill, it’s probably best to opt for a more dependable option such as a progesterone-only preparation rather than an estrogen-based contraceptive pill.

In Conclusion

So, does CBD affect birth control? With research on the effects of CBD on birth control still lacking, it’s important to keep in mind that the specific interaction between CBD and birth control can vary per individual. There are numerous factors involved such as exercise, diet, metabolism, and personal physiology. These variables can alter the CBD’s digestion and therefore its effect on birth control.

On top of that, it’s still unclear to what extent CBD can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. Consequently, it’s difficult to say whether CBD affects birth control significantly enough for you to take extra measures. In case of doubt, it’s always best to discuss your situation with your primary care physician.