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Does CBD Make Hair Grow?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a relative newcomer to the world of beauty, having been legalized for usage recently in some parts of the world. Due to its comparative newbie status, it’s not fully understood by all nor is its use.


So does CBD make hair grow — and grow quicker than normal? Here, we look at CBD in terms of its ability to help with hair growth. In doing so, we investigate what exactly CBD is and therefore why it could therefore be used to promote hair growth in those who want their hair longer or thicker. We outline who this type of product works best for as well as suggesting other uses for CBD as it continues to revolutionize many different products in the beauty industry.

What is CBD?

In short, CBD comes from the hemp or marijuana plant and as a result, it can help users achieve a feeling of calm. However, as it’s only part of the marijuana plant, it does not have the same effects in terms of trips or highs. As CBD does not contain the element of the marijuana plant THC, it will not cause any psychosis problems. For that reason, it has quickly become a popular way to treat many different aches, pains and problems in people. It’s made by taking out the CBD from the hemp or ,arijuana plant and mixing it with another oil to help with ingestion or application.

Does CBD Make Hair Grow?

CBD can make hair grow for a number of reasons as well as provide other advantages to a person’s hair as well. One of the main reasons why CBD can be so beneficial to a person’s hair is down to its high content of fatty acids. Those acids — Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 — are all what the body needs to help promote hair growth. They help moisturize the hair which keeps it stronger and healthier. As it is stronger, it’s far less prone to breakage and split ends, resulting in longer, thicker, and fuller hair.


Due to its moisturizing properties, CBD is also fantastic for those that suffer from dry scalps and hair dryness. It’s a key ingredient to keep an eye out for in conditioners too therefore as well as shampoos that deal with dandruff. So many shampoos and conditioners deal with the symptoms of a dry scalp or dandruff, but not the reason for either condition. Products that contain CBD go to the root of the problem so that dry scalps and dandruff become a thing of the past, leaving only longer and thick hair.

Other Uses For CBD

CBD can also be used for a number of different other beauty purposes, including:

1. Acne treatment

CBD has been seen to have many anti-inflammatory properties, which is what is often needed to help in the treatment of acne. Additionally, many acne sufferers experience an overproduction of sebum from their glands and pores, which leads to painful spots and facial cysts. CBD has been found to minimize sebum production thus lessening its effects on the skin.

3. Dry skin

One of the reasons that CBD can help with dry scalps and dandruff is due to its moisturizing properties that come from containing high amounts of Omega fatty acids. For that reason, it ‘s also a good product if you suffer from dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Despite its potency, it’s also a good product on sensitive skin so it helps fight the problem behind continual dryness too.


The number of uses of CBD are only starting to be truly understood now. It’s a powerful part of a powerful plant and so there is still much work to be done to fully comprehend how, where, and why it should be used. If you use it without direction from a medical professional, ensure that you do so safely by seeking guidance from the manufacturer of whatever product you’re using. Additionally, be aware that CBD can also affect any existing medication that you ‘re on as well as having the ability to cause diarrhea and fatigue. It has also been known to affect a person’s appetite and weight as a consequence.