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Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

CBD is a hot topic these days. Many people are interested in the health benefits of CBD, but they are also worried about side effects. One common concern is that CBD might make your eyes red, but is it true? Does CBD make your eyes red? In general, using CBD will not make your eyes red. In this article, we will go into detail about what causes red eyes, why CBD generally does not cause it to happen, and why you might still have red eyes while using CBD.

What Causes Red Eyes?

Several things can cause your eyes to turn red. Some people have allergies that result in watery or itchy eyes. Other possible reasons for reddened eyes include staring at screens all day long (computer monitors, smartphones) and exposure to smoke.

Marijuana can also cause red eyes. Marijuana contains THC which is a chemical that interacts with blood vessels and can make your eyes bloodshot. Since CBD is so closely related to marijuana, it is a common misconception that your eyes will become red if you take it. However, that is not the case.

Why CBD Does Not Cause Red Eyes

CBD does not contain THC which is the chemical that causes red eyes. People may feel concerned that since CBD is so closely related to THC, that it will interact with the blood vessels lining your eyes, causing them to dilate and turn red. However, CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC, which is the main factor in why marijuana users are often seen with bloodshot eyes.

You may be wondering though, why some people still get red eyes while using CBD, even without the presence of THC. 

Why Do Some People Get Red Eyes While Using CBD?

There are a few reasons why your eyes still might be red while using CBD.

The primary reason for red eyes while using CBD is usually due to other substances that are simultaneously taken with CBD. For example, if you were using marijuana and CBD simultaneously, you are more likely to experience red, bloodshot eyes. External factors such as excessive screen time or allergies could also be causing your eyes to be red, rather than the CBD.

The only way CBD would be likely to cause red eyes is in the off chance that the CBD contained trace amounts of THC. While it is rare that products sold as pure CBD will accidentally contain THC, it could happen. More likely would be that a customer would accidentally purchase a CBD oil that was mixed with THC, which would lead to bloodshot eyes after consumption.

It is also possible for a person to be allergic to CBD. If a person couldn’t tolerate CBD and had an allergic reaction after taking it, the result could be red, itchy skin, or bloodshot eyes. However, if you are allergic to CBD your eyes will become red because of your body’s allergic reaction, rather than due to anything inherent in the CBD itself.


The main thing to understand is that pure CBD will not make your eyes red. In some cases, however, you may be experiencing red eyes due to a CBD allergy or other external factors, such as a batch of CBD that contains traces of THC or from eye strain due to excessive screen time.