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Does CBD Oil Help Asthma?

Natural remedies like CBD oil are fast becoming a significant aid for a range of different ailments. Where CBD oil was once only used for neurological conditions and to treat pain, studies have shown that CBD oil is remarkably effective for many other health issues as well. One condition that has plagued countless people throughout the years is asthma — and research is proving positive with asthma treated with CBD Oil. But does CBD oil help asthma, really? Read on to find out. 


Where it All Began

Cannabis has been used by many for generations, and although it has only recently become legal in the United States, people have been embracing the substance for hundreds if not thousands of years. However, it was not until the early 70s that the use of cannabis was thought to help asthma patients. Smoking in general is a bad idea for asthma patients, but smoking cannabis can actually improve lung function and bronchial tube expansion. 

Asthma causes bronchial tubes to constrict when inflamed, making it difficult to breath. Inflammation can potentially block the patient’s airways completely if left untreated. Many prescription products such as inhalers and nebulizers have shown to open airways. Cannabis works much the same way, however, due to the legality of the substance, true research has only just begun, but we have the 70s and illegal cannabis use for the initial notion of CBD oil assisting asthma sufferers. 


CBD Oil Dilates Bronchial Tubes

CBD oil is derived from cannabis and recent research, along with what was learned in the 1970s study, proves that CBD oil dilates bronchial passageways. Bronchial tubes become inflamed, which can lead to asthma attacks, but CBD oil has proven to dial that back a bit with the natural ability to dilate the bronchial tubes. When dilated, the bronchial tubes in the patient, even if they’re inflamed, can still allow air to pass through. Additionally, it was found that CBD oil protects the patient’s lungs from becoming damaged during an asthma attack. 


CBD Oil is an Anti-Inflammatory

Inflamed lungs are attributed to an asthma attack, and the airways are narrowed during an attack furthering the patient’s inability to breath. When taken orally or breathed into the lungs, CBD oil brings important cannabinoids into the lung’s tissue. This action allows the lungs to relax as well as reducing inflammation, which allows the patient to breath freely without the use of an inhaler or other respiratory help. Regular use of CBD oil has proven beneficial to regulating and reducing asthma attacks. 


Antispasmodic Properties of CBD Oil

Spasms within the lungs and bronchial tubes of an asthma patient can cause shortness of breath or even shut off the lungs completely if the spasm is severe enough. CBD oil is antispasmodic, meaning that when taken regularly by an asthma patient, it can drastically reduce the risk of these spasms from happening. This results in far fewer asthma attacks over time. 


Not a Cure, but It Helps

Finding the right solution for regulating asthma patients can be a challenge since the condition really has no true cure. The key to providing long term relief to asthma patients is to maintain the lungs and bronchial tubes and to reduce the amount of inflammation experienced by the patient. CBD oil ticks off all of these boxes and allows for highly effective asthma control over time. It’s certainly not a cure, CBD oil can be an effective treatment for asthma.

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