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CBD oil help opiate withdrawal- Panda CBD

Does CBD Oil Help with Opiate Withdrawal?

Help of CBD Oil with Opiate Withdrawal?

Many of us are aware of the opiate epidemic facing our current society. Opiates are seemingly everywhere these days, and medical professionals regularly prescribe these addictive substances for a wide range of ailments. Those exposed to opiates may receive some temporary relief, but unfortunately there’s a high chance of becoming addicted. 

The level of addicted individuals is growing with each passing year, and it’s now statistically proven that out of all drug related deaths, 75% can be attributed to opiates. A marked 30% increase in overdoses linked to opiates can be seen between 2016 and 2017. The opiate crisis can be linked to harder drugs as well — roughly 80% of people that begin a prescription opiates will move onto heroin following exposure. Addiction to harder substances after opiates is becoming more of an epidemic — so what can be done?


A possible solution

CBD oil has been proven to be highly effective for a wide range of ailments, and with CBD oils just now being legalized in many places, we are now only realizing the possible health attributes of the substance. More research is still in order to understand the full effects that CBD oil has on the human body, but for our purposes the question still remains — does CBD oil help with opiate withdrawal?

A proven pain reliever

Attributes of CBD oil are becoming more apparent as more government entities begin to legalize its use. CBD oil is different from cannabis in its natural state. What has traditionally made cannabis illegal in many areas is the fact that it provides a significant high through THC within the substance. CBD oil is an extraction from cannabis but does not contain THC, so it’s largely more accepted by local and federal governments. 

Even though CBD oil does not have THC, it does maintain a proven pain reliever that can more effectively target pain. Opiates prescribed by medical professionals tend to provide a high and reduce pain, but it does not always target the specific pain for the patient. The patient can also very easily build up a tolerance to the opiate, leading to an increased prescription and possible withdrawals from the lack of the available drug. But when it comes to CBD oil, there is currently no evidence that this substance is addictive.

CBD oil and opiate withdrawal

Opiates have been prescribed for many different ailments, with an endless array of possible side effects including possible withdrawals from the drug. CBD oil provides a significant pain reliever without the negative drawbacks and potentially harmful consequences of traditional opiates. What this means is that someone who is worried about a potential opiate addiction can use CBD oil as a means of guarding against withdrawals, and could ease their way off the drug while still maintaining their pain relief needs. 

CBD oil use is still in the research stages, but early research shows that its use could potentially curb the withdrawals from an individual from opiates and ultimately alleviate the opiate crisis we are facing worldwide. It’s too soon to tell, but CBD oil is a promising alternative to opiates in many pain relief cases and natural CBD oil maintains far fewer side effects than many of the most popular opiate drugs that are currently on the market. More research is needed to definitively determine the validity of CBD oil for opiate withdrawal help, but preliminary research looks promising.