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CBD Oil make you fail a Drug test- Panda CBD

Does CBD oil make you fail a drug test?

Can CBD Oil Make You Fail a Drug Test?

As more government entities begin to legalize CBD oil, its use and popularity continue to rise across the world. CBD oil has been proven to be remarkably beneficial for many different ailments, including as a pain reliever among those who have had adverse effects from pharmaceuticals. However, this now popular drug alternative has become the subject of scrutiny, specifically when it comes to employers. 


Marijuana in the workplace

A drug test for new employees is a common thing these days, as is random drug tests among those already employed by a company. Essentially, your employer wants to make sure you can do your job effectively without the negative effects of drugs such as marijuana. An average drug test will pick up on marijuana and other drugs — but what about CBD oil? Does CBD oil make you fail a drug test?

No is the short answer — but there’s more to It

No, standard CBD oil will not make you fail a drug test since it’s not derived from the part of the plant that maintains THC or the substance that provides a significant high. The internal structure of CBD oil contains less than .03% of THC, making it very unlikely that a drug test will actually pick up on the drug. However, there are some instances where a drug test could present a problem for an employee that uses CBD oil. 

Labeling concerns

One of the main problems with the use of CBD oils and drug tests is to do with the labeling of the product. Although there are many credible CBD oil products that maintain the correct amount of THC, there are also other counterfeit CBD oil products that maintain higher levels of THC and therefore have the potential to show up on a drug test. To avoid this possibility, only purchase CBD oil from a credible and viable resource. 

Type of test

A standard drug test is unlikely to detect CBD oil use, but there are exceptions to this rule. A certain test known as GCMS or Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry has been known to detect CBD as the same thing as THC. Employers that utilize this specific test can sometimes produce a false positive on individuals that have not actually engaged in drug use. 

Due to this common issue, many employers no longer utilize the GCMS test as it has proven unreliable in this specific instance, so be sure to know what type of drug test your company is using to avoid possible false positive results. 


CBD oil is a safe and effective way to relieve pain and alleviate many different ailments. However, many areas are still largely under-researched about CBD oil. As CBD oil use gains popularity in the mainstream, we will certainly see an increase in viable tests that will not confuse CBD with THC and alleviate possible confusion. To guard yourself from possible termination from your place of employment, understand what the test entails and only get your CBD oil from a reliable distributor.