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Does CBD Show Up On A Hair Drug Test?

CBD or cannabidiol is componentizing of marijuana, but it’s different from active ingredient THC. Meanwhile, CBD does not have the psychoactive effects that THC does. It accumulates in the body after the treatment effects subside. After taking CBD, your body won’t feel any changes exact you won’t feel the touch of a numb body part. Moreover, the drug test for cannabis will also not detect CBD. Instead, CBD may have traces of THC. However, are traces of THC detected in a drug test? Or more specifically, does CBD show up on a hair drug test? 

THC detection will depend on how the CBD product is defined and how long cannabidiol remains in the body. 


The main difference of cannabidiol depends on the plant it produces. CBD products from marijuana have a higher concentration of THC than CBD products from cannabis. Another important factor is the methods of CBD production. Full spectrum CBD can contain all natural cannabis compounds, including terpene which gives a special smell to the plant. The broad spectrum CBD is the exact same as the previous one, except that all THC concentration is removes. Finally, CBD isolates are the third form of CBD. This is a pure form of CBD, with no other cannabis plant compounds. 

It needs to be remarked that how the CBD is composes will be correct for state-licensed products. Outside of state-licensed systems, no mandatory oversight exists. So you can always ask for test results from outside labs in cases of doubt about CBD composition. 


Many people might be interested in how long CBD stays in our bodies. The further detection of CBD in the body depends on a range of factors. The most trivial is the constancy and amount of consumption. So a person who uses CBD daily in high doses can have cannabidiol in their body for a month. A person’s metabolism will also be an important factor. It decides how quickly CBD is metabolizes and eliminates from the body. On average, with moderate use, cannabidiol is eliminated within a few days. 


Will CBD show up on a hair drug test? Finally, when we have figured out the varieties and methods of cannabidiol production we can answer the main question. Hair drug tests detect THC, which presents in CBD products. These tests are designs to detect chronic substance use. So if your CBD oil or other form of CBD has only trace amounts of THC (< 0.3 percent) or none, and you don’t use it in large amounts, it still probably won’t show up in the hair drug test. 

It is important to note that the hair drug test is not 100% accurate. Factors that affect the accuracy of the hair follicle testing are the number of drugs consumed, hair coloring, the amount of melanin in a hair, and the structures of the drug consumed. Another disadvantage of a hair follicle testing is the time it takes to detect the substance. It takes 5-7 days to detect substance content in the hair, since urinalysis, oral testing and blood testing will show consumption within just a few hours. 

As for CBD, it cannot be detected by a hair drug test. The technologies in this test uses to detect common illegal substances such as morphine, cocaine, heroin, THC and other types of drugs. However, there is a way to detect CBD, but it is a very complicated and specific process that does not worth the cost. It is unlikely that your employer will want to test you for CBD, as we have found that it does not cause psychotropic effects or changes in the body. Therefore, it cannot affect a person’s ability to work. The main part of CBD that can fail a drug test is THC.