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Does CBD Treat ADHD?

ADHD is a condition that affects roughly 7.2% of the world’s population. In terms of actual numbers, that’s 129 million people. Even though ADHD numbers have increased in recent years, treatment options have been relatively stagnant. In addition to the plateauing of treatments, side effects of modern medicine have led some parents to choose alternative treatment options for themselves and their children’s health needs. Among the top natural treatments for ADHD in 2020 is CBD, but does CBD treat ADHD? We will examine this growing treatment option further.

Look at Regulations First

The use of CBD has been widely propagated throughout the country and the world in recent years. It has been successfully used to treat a wide range of conditions, yet it remains illegal in certain places. Before you begin a CBD treatment, ensure that it follows the state and local guidelines for your area. Doctors today are more willing to talk about CBD for treatment of ADHD, but only in areas where its use is legal.

An Assistant

ADHD treatments vary drastically and are prescribed to specific patients. Not all treatments work for every patient due to the individual nature of the human body and therefore, even with treatment, often hyperactivity and restlessness are common. Contending with these problems can be remarkably challenging, but evidence suggests that CBD can work as an assistant to prescribed medications to alleviate these specific issues.

Studies suggest that CBD reduces the impulsive nature of patients. CBD enables the patient to remain more docile and less likely to exhibit hyperactive tendencies and erratic behavior. This study is currently ongoing and has yet to be tested on children, but in adult trials, CBD has been used successfully to curb specific hyperactive tendencies.


Anxiety is often associated with ADHD patients. When anxiety is coupled with hyperactive behavior, it can be a recipe for an inability to concentrate and remain focused on tasks. Anxiety treatments can be managed through modern medicine, but CBD is a natural solution many are now turning to. CBD has shown remarkably proactive at alleviating anxiety in patients with and without a previous ADHD diagnosis.

Is CBD Safe for Children?

Although there are many adults who have ADHD, it’s often the younger generation that have the most issues with this condition. Treatments for children with ADHD are limited due to the risk of side effects and CBD use for children is no different. Doctors tend to limit their recommendations for CBD to treat ADHD in children simply due to the newness of studies. Although CBD is recommended often for children with epilepsy, it’s rarely prescribed for ADHD patients. CBD studies are limited in this area but are promising as CBD has tested safe for children with other conditions.


CBD is one of the fastest growing treatment options for a wide range of ailments and research is always ongoing to determine what else this remarkable substance will treat. Currently, CBD is used for ADHD treatments for anxiety and hyperactivity in adults with amazing success. If you’re interested in CBD treatments for ADHD, discuss it with your doctor before proceeding with treatment.