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Does regular hemp oil contain CBD?

Know if Regular Hemp Oil Contains CBD

Cannabis is a general term used to identify the substance that is derived from plants in the Cannabis Sativa family. Many people get confused when they see either Marijuana CBD oil, CBD hemp oil, and hemp seed oil. It’s easy to confuse these wildly varying range of products, however, while they all come from the same type of plant that’s all they have in common. 

Does regular hemp oil contain CBD?” is a question regularly asked by people who use this product but aren’t sure exactly of its make up. To understand these somewhat similar but also very different extracts, it’s important to take a look at each type individually.

Marijuana CBD Oil 

As the name suggests, marijuana CBD oil is extracted from marijuana flowers. It’s important to note, however, that these flowers have been selectively bred to reduce the THC content and increase CBD. Plants that are developed in this way are intended to be used for medical purposes. 

There’s strong scientific evidence that THC can actually enhance the therapeutic potential of the plant, which is a crucial aspect if the plant is going to be used for medicinal purposes. This is why most Marijuana CBD plants bred for medicinal purposes tend to have a certain level of THC. 

But the levels of THC in the plant vary greatly and depend on several factors including the breeder’s practices. So, is it possible to have enough THC in CBD oil to cause psychoactive effects? The simple answer is — yes. This is the reason why marijuana CBD oil is still considered a controlled substance in many places around the world. 

CBD Hemp Oil 

CBD hemp oil is derived from hemp plants, which differ from marijuana plants in that they contain lower amounts of THC — a lot less than 0.3%. For this reason, it’s very difficult to have any psychoactive effects from using CBD hemp oil. 

Because of the low THC levels, hemp products are also seen more as health supplements than recreational drugs. This is why CBD products derived from hemp are legal in all 50 states.  

The fact that CBD hemp oil has lower levels of THC doesn’t negate the product’s therapeutic properties. Both marijuana and hemp CBD products can be useful and arr suited for different applications. 

Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil, which is otherwise known as just Hemp oil, is also derived from the hemp plant, but it’s vastly different from hemp CBD oil. The biggest difference is that hemp seed oil often contains no CDB at all! This is because CDB is actually contained in the flowers of the hemp plant and not in its seeds. 

But this doesn’t mean that hemp oil doesn’t have its own benefits. To begin with, it’s an excellent source of fiber, omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and protein. 


Does regular hemp oil contain CBD? CDB is not in hemp seed oil products. It can, however, be very easy to mix up CBD hemp oil and hemp oil which doesn’t contain CBD. Therefore, it’s important to check the label and choose labels with “hemp seed oil” or “hemp oil” if you’re looking for a product with zero CBD. Read the label as a whole or check the details on the manufacturer’s website to make sure you’re buying the products you want.