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Extraction of THC Oil from Cannabis

Cannabis has become a medical miracle in recent years. Its use and distribution has drastically increased due to a growing acceptance within our legal system. No longer is Cannabis merely thought of as taboo in the medical world. Use of Cannabis extractions have been instrumental in a range of various ailments and mental disorders, but what about THC? This substance is an extract of Cannabis and has been largely regulated by the government due to its psychedelic effects. However, THC maintains many benefits that need to be examined and the extraction of THC oil from Cannabis remains a hot topic.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a frightening word to hear any doctor say. No matter what type of cancer it is or what treatment options are available, the thought of contending with traditional treatments such as surgery and chemo are terrible and these treatment options do not always work. However, THC treatments have shown vast cancer reductions without the side effects associated with modern medicinal treatments. THC does not merely treat symptoms of cancer and alleviate pain, but has proven to reduce the size of tumors and destroy cancer cells completely.

Stimulate Appetite

In a world where people are continually trying to reduce their waist line through an endless stream of diets, it’s uncommon to see a treatment for stimulating appetites. However, eating disorders and mental conditions can sometimes completely destroy a person’s appetite making it difficult for them to find a solution for proper nutrition. For those who have ever used Cannabis for recreational purposes, you can attest to the fact that it makes you hungry. This is a side effect of THC that can be remarkably beneficial to patients who have trouble stimulating a quality appetite.

Treatment for PTSD

When we hear that someone has PTSD, often we attribute the problem with veterans whose minds can still remain in a war state from time to time. However, this is only a small fraction of PTSD patients. PTSD is a condition triggered by trauma and its effects can be truly debilitating. Treatments for PTSD are limited due to the nature of the disorder, but what’s known is that THC can be an excellent solution for PTSD patients. THC has a euphoric effect on patients that can calm down flashbacks and anxiety associated with PTSD.

Nausea and Vomiting Treatment

Nausea happens from time to time to most of us, but those who experience chronic nausea or are undergoing treatments that are known to induce vomiting can have more problems than just an upset stomach. Vomiting excessively can deteriorate the wall of the esophagus and make daily life miserable. THC is a natural nausea suppressant. Those that are undergoing chemo treatments are often given THC laced medications to help alleviate nausea and maintain nutritional health.

THC use is increasing throughout the world and with more countries legalizing the use of Cannabis, we can expect to see far more benefits from its use. These are just a sampling of the many benefits that properly extracted THC can provide and if you have been on the fence about using THC, talk to your doctor and determine if its use can improve your symptoms as well.