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Too Much or Too Little? How Do I Know How Much CBD to Take?

Worried that your CBD isn’t giving you any effect because you’re taking too little of it? Or how about fearing for the side effects because you’ve taken too much? 

Ascertaining the amount of CBD cannabidiol to take to alleviate your condition may be more complicated than it sounds.

 Though cannabis has been there, research is still limited concerning CBD products. 

That means there are not a lot of evidence-based guidelines surrounding the products.

The majority of experts do agree that if it is the first time, then it would be advisable, to begin with, the lowest dose and then steadily progress from there. 

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What is Considered Too Much or Too Little with CBD Dosages?

There is no correct average dosage of CBD, considering it depends on the individual’s context. The optimal measurement would depend on several factors like the person’s tolerance, level of discomfort, body type, and other underlying conditions. 

The type of product and the concentration, as well as other considerations to be made considering CBD is administered differently. There are vaping, tinctures, capsules, and topicals. 

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Each of these CBD administration modes has a different dosage, and they take varying times to effect. 

It is recommended to use a diary to keep track of the intake. 

You can note how much CBD was taken and the time it took to take effect. 

Several firms may recommend taking different servings every day as opposed to having it at one time. 

Most users choose servings over 30 mg per day without adverse effects. 

However, everyone is different, and it is crucial to make the experience worthwhile, considering CBD is meant to benefit the body.


Factors to consider on dosage

  • Bodyweight: the person’s weight plays a role concerning how CBD affects the body. From a positive perspective, heavier people require higher doses to experience the easing effects. People who are not as heavy may feel the same effects if they are given a lower dose.
  • Concentration: the strength is the total amount of CBD administered within the product, and it is measured in mg. That is different when compared to the dosage levels, which is the CBD level per serving. It is hard to estimate the concentration in vaping CBD as opposed to topicals or tinctures, which can have 30 to 50 mg of CBD per 1 ml serving. 
  • Desired effects: for the majority of people, an optimal dose would depend on the amount it takes to reduce the level of discomfort they might be feeling. Someone that has chronic issues or who is constantly nervous may need a more significant dose to reduce their symptoms. Another with less severe conditions could prefer to get by with a lower dose.
  • Tolerance: CBD consumers could develop a tolerance level to CBD products over time, and that would lead to reduced effects from a similar dosage. A person that has a low tolerance does not need a high dose of CBD in the same way that one with high tolerance would and vice versa. More significant doses could be required for high tolerance cases if one is to achieve the desired effects. 

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Talk to Your Doctor

Using these criteria, first-time CBD consumers might be able to determine a good starting dose. However, we always recommend you speak with your doctor before using CBD.