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How Do I Know If CBD is Right for Me?

The question is pertinent, considering you may have tried CBD products without practical results. 

You are not the only one that this has happened to, but that is not a reason to write it off as a scam. 

CBD is the non-psychoactive element of cannabis, which helps alleviate a variety of physical and emotional problems. 

It’s currently being researched for several medical advantages, and unlike THC, it does not have psychogenic effects. 

To its credit, it also does not have any elements which increase the dependence of people, meaning you cannot get addicted to CBD. 

In fact, research is ongoing to prove CBD can alleviate opioid addiction.

What Studies Tell Us

Relief from mental issues is currently supported by clinical research. 

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For the patients that suffer through insomnia, studies have shown that CBD can assist with falling asleep and staying asleep. 

CBD can also provide an alternative option for treating different forms of chronic discomfort and inflammations

Recent studies done in animals showed that CBD, when it is applied to the skin, could lower the discomfort and inflammation levels, which are caused by arthritis. 

There was another study that demonstrated the mechanisms through which CBD inhibits the inflammatory and neuropathic issues. These are some of the hardest forms of discomfort to alleviate.

Legality Concerns

It is clear then that CBD can treat a variety of problems. 

However, your concern may be the legality of the products considering they do come from the cannabis plant. 

Fortunately, it is no longer a grey area. CBD is easily obtainable in several parts of the country, and each state has laws legalizing its sale and use. 

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In 2015, the FDA eased the requirements to allow the experts to do trials on CBD so that its properties can be proven. 

Currently, several people can obtain cannabis online without a medical cannabis license to do so, and therein lies the disadvantage. 

It is not well regulated, so it is hard to tell if a brand is legitimate or not just by their online presence. 

You can guard against scams by seeking out reviews from past customers though it would be advisable to go to the offsite facility and see for yourself.

CBD intake also varies on the structure of the product. 

There is full-spectrum and CBD isolate, which are different forms but have the required cannabidiols. 

If you are worried about a drug testing getting a positive result for THC, then you are better off taking CBD isolate because it does not have any trace of it. 

Full-spectrum does contain small levels of THC, which are within the legal limit at 0.3%.  Though, it is fairly more potent than its counterpart with a fast-acting solution. 

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CBDs are also available as topicals, tinctures, vaping, and capsules, depending on what method you prefer or would be convenient. 

The intake determines the duration it takes to act within the system as well. Oil drops may take a shorter time as opposed to topicals.

Weighing In

CBD is slowly making its way as a source for people suffering from a variety of health problems such as stress, diabetes, and even epilepsy.

Practice caution when opting for CBD, especially online, and consult your doctor first before taking that step.