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How Long Does CBD Last for Pain?

Pain can come on at any time. It can be mild or debilitating and even seen to be chronic in nature. Contending with pain can be difficult, and NSAIDS and other pain medications can only do so much. Prescription medications can cause a lot of side effects that can sometimes be more irritating than the initial pain. However, CBD has become synonymous with quality, natural pain relief — but exactly what does CBD do and how long does CBD last for pain? We will answer these very important questions for you.

What Type of Pain Does CBD Help Manage?

Arthritis Pain

Out of the world’s population of over 7 billion people, approximately 350 million people have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis. These statistics have been on the rise in recent years and have even included children of various ages, but as common as arthritis now is, treatment options remain limited. Patients are given prescriptions to manage pain and inflammation, but the side effects of these medications can interact with other medications which can be particularly difficult for aged individuals. CBD provides both pain relief and inflammation relief on a natural level without harmful side effects.


If you have had a migraine at any point in your life, you can attest to the fact that the pain is uncontrollable and difficult to manage. Just taking an average over the counter pain remedy is not enough. Generally, migraine sufferers are limited in what they can do to manage the pain, but CBD is a natural solution that goes deep into the mind and body to naturally alleviate inflammation that is said to cause severe migraine pain. It’s often used by migraine sufferers as a daily management solution to stop migraines before they have a chance to cause pain.


No one wants to hear the word cancer, and even though there are many manageable types of cancer with vast treatment options, many of these treatments remain difficult with intense nausea and an inability to manage daily life. CBD offers significant pain relief to cancer patients and can actually work with standard cancer treatments to help manage nausea and vomiting.


Fibromyalgia is one of those conditions that is very difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. Currently, doctors do not have an effective treatment method for fibromyalgia and essentially simply manage pain as best as possible. CBD is among the best pain management options for fibromyalgia patients as it does not negatively interact with other medications and is a natural solution.

How Long Does CBD Last for Pain?

Pain can come and go from time to time, but if you experience chronic pain for any condition, CBD is a viable solution. The use of CBD for pain management is still relatively new, so there’s limited information as to how long the pain will stay at bay. Generally, most patients report between 4 and 6 hours of pain relief, but for some, their tolerance level allows for even longer stretches of pain relief — up to 8 hours. Pain relief with CBD is highly dependent on your tolerance level and how much you take per dose.


When choosing a CBD pain management solution, be sure to ask your doctor what their recommendation is, and start out slow with doses. A few milligrams of CBD is enough to manage general pain and it’s best to allow your body to slowly adjust to the medication. CBD is a natural and very effective pain medication solution for a variety of ailments without the addiction possibilities and side effects of some pharmaceutical remedies.