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How Long Does CBD Stay In Your Urine?

How long does CBD stay in your urine? This is an ever-present question for many people, but it doesn’t have a clear answer. The amount of time can vary depending on numerous factors but it typically stays in your system for 3-4 days after the last dosage. This article will discuss what those factors are and how you can test for CBD in urine.

Factors That Influence How Long CBD Stays In Your System

Several factors influence how long CBD stays in your system, including the ingestion method, the size of your CBD dose, how fast your metabolism is, and the percentage of CBD contained in the product you use. 

Ingestion Method

The first one is the type of ingestion method used when taking CBD. If you use a tincture, then the time frame will be different than if you were using an edible chocolate bar. Inhaling CBD through the use of a vaporizer will also have a different effect on how long it stays in your system when compared to oral ingestion, as vaporizing increases the bioavailability of CBD, making it more likely to be absorbed and stored by the body. 

Dosage Size

The dosage size is the second factor that will determine how long CBD will be present in your urine. If you take CBD only once in a while and at a low dose, it will stay in your system for a short amount of time, such as two to five days. But if you’re a regular user of CBD and frequently ingest large doses, it will likely take longer for your body to fully clear it out. Some regular users of CBD find that it takes weeks before their body has fully passed all the CBD from their system.

Metabolism Rates

Your metabolism rate is also an important factor to consider when trying to determine how long CBD will be detectable in your urine. If you have a slower metabolism, due to age or health conditions, CBD can last longer in your system. This also means that the opposite is true – a person with higher metabolism is more likely to metabolize and eliminate CBD faster.

Percentage Of CBD In The Product

Lastly, the percentage of CBD inside each item consumed plays a role too. The more CBD there is per dose in any given product, the longer CBD will be present in your urine.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of other factors that influence how long CBD stays in your system. On average though, it will take three to five days after the last time CBD was consumed for it to fully pass through your body.

Urine Testing For CBD 

If you want to know if CBD is detectable in your urine, you can simply take a test for it. Thanks to the advancements in modern science, all you need to do is collect a sample of your urine and test it for CBD content. Tests can detect levels that vary from as little as 2 ng/ml to 5 ng/mL. There are home test kits now available for purchase, making it a simple process to find out if you have detectable levels of CBD present in your urine. If you’re unable to find any home test kits, most major cities will have a medical lab that will be able to run the test for you. 


While it’s impossible to give a definitive answer on how long CBD will stay in your urine, the average person can expect it to take three to five days after their last dose for their body to be completely free of any detectable level of CBD. But it’s good to keep in mind that CBD is not commonly found on most drug tests and is a completely separate chemical from THC. However, if the CBD product you’re taking contains traces of THC, it may produce a false-positive showing marijuana use, which is why it is always good to buy your CBD from a highly reputable source; one that can provide proof of lab testing and quality control.