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How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Relieve Aches?

If one is taking CBD oil, then time is of the essence, considering you would probably like to know how long it needs to work. 

There are a few elements that affect the time it takes for CBD to work. A low concentration of CBD, for example, may take longer to work as opposed to high levels of it. There is also a need to consider how one is ingesting it.  

There are other means that one can take CBD oil though how you take it affects the time it takes for the effects to happen. 


It is the fastest way that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD and alleviate joint aches and discomfort. 

Vaping works well, considering the CBD enters the lungs through inhalation and finds its way to the bloodstream rather than going through the digestive system. 

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The majority of people may feel the effects within the first 5 to 10 minutes. 

The quick absorption rate makes it one of the ideal solutions for those who suffer from joint discomfort and bouts of anxiousness.

Mixing CBD Oil with Food

When it is mixed in any meal, CBD oil does not affect the taste meaning it is a great way of giving it to pets and for people with taste sensitivities. 

Though, it is going to take a longer time to relieve the aches. 

That is because it has to be metabolized and digested. That process will take an estimated time of 45 to 60 minutes. 

CBD Capsules

It is similar to mixing it with food, but this time, you can take it on its own. 

It does, however, need to go through the digestive system. 

CBD capsules - Panda CBD

It is also possible to take the capsules on an empty stomach, which then hastens the process with a waiting period of 20 to 30 minutes. 

Not only are the pills economic, but they are convenient as well because they come with an exact dosage per capsule. 

So it is possible to keep track of how much CBD you are taking. 

Oil Drops and Tinctures

It is probably the most popular means of ingesting CBD oil, and it is the second-fastest way of relieving aches and discomfort. 

cbd tinctures - Panda CBD

Most manufacturers sell CBD oil in the form of a spray, which makes it cost-effective and quite effective. In the same way as vitamin B12, it is possible to hold CBD below the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing. 

Using this method, CBD will alleviate the discomfort within 20 minutes. 

Know more about CBD tinctures

Application of Oil Topicals

Though it is not the most popular way to take CBD oil, it can work well with those who are suffering from physical discomfort

Topical CBD is applied to the skin, and it is absorbed through the surface. In some cases, the CBD topicals should be applied liberally to overcome the low rate of cannabinoid absorption on the skin. It takes effect within 90 minutes.


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