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How Much CBD Should I Take for Cancer?

As the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for medical purposes continues to grow, many questions have come about regarding its efficacy in dealing with different diseases, including cancer. Some scholars have touted CBD, which is the second-largest cannabinoid found in Cannabis sativa (marijuana), after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as the alternative treatment for cancer among other illnesses.

Some cancer patients also claim that CBD helps them to manage symptoms and side effects from ordinary cancer treatment. However, it is still not clear whether indeed CBD treats cancer. More research needs to be done to establish the truth. Be that as it may, some cancer patients are still not sure about the amount of CBD they should take. So, in this article, we are going to answer the question: How much CBD should I take for cancer? In short, it depends on many factors.

What’s the Right Dosage of CBD for Cancer Treatment?

First, CBD comes in different formulations including topical creams, tablets, oil, and gummies, all of which vary in ingredients and dosages. If you want to use CBD to treat your cancer, it is important to understand that the dosages used in research vary and there isn’t a consensus on the amount of CBD that should be taken for cancer.

Additionally, studies also suggest that cancer patients may respond differently to various CBD dosages. So, the dosage that you take might vary depending on your treatment needs. Nevertheless, there are specific CBD dosages that have always been used in research studies for different illnesses.

For cancer treatment and management, the most common dosage is 50 to 600mg per day. However, it is important to look up the right dosage information in CBD products that have been approved by the relevant authorities, including the FDA. Here are several other important considerations that you need to make when deciding on the right dosage of CBD for your cancer treatment.

Your Sensitivity to CBD

The amount of CBD you take will, largely, depend on your personal tolerance to it. So, if you have a sensitivity to CBD and cannabis-related products, you should start with a small dose and increase your intake as you build a tolerance. But if you discover that you are not badly affected by the substance, you can go for a larger dose in order to experience more beneficial effects.

Personal Factors

As you figure out the amount of CBD to take, there are many personal factors that will come into play, including your age, sex, weight, and overall health. You will also have to consider your personal preference in terms of formulation and concentration of the oil drops, gummies, or capsules. Studies have shown that heavy-bodied patients need to take a higher dose in order to achieve the required effect. Also, men are expected to take a higher dose than women, while older patients are advised to take less CBD than their younger counterparts.

Symptoms You Are Treating

CBD has proved to be quite effective in treating and managing cancer symptoms and the side effects of cancer treatment. However, the dosage you choose should depend on the symptoms you are trying to alleviate. For instance, if you are taking CBD to improve your quality of sleep, you might do with a smaller dosage than patients trying to manage cancer-related pain. You should consult your doctor for advice, especially if you are dealing with more severe symptoms.

In Summary

You should always discuss with your doctor the right dosage of CBD for you and the right CBD products. Your doctor will also help you understand any potential risks, side effects, and complications that you might experience. 

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