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How Much CBD to Take for Alzheimer’s

Medications for Alzheimer’s range dramatically depending on the age of the patient, severity of the symptoms, and other factors related to the degenerative illness. For those in the midst of Alzheimer’s and the ones taking care of the individual, it can be a confusing time finding out which medication works. With modern medications, the additional worry of possible side effects can make things even harder.

Many Alzheimer’s patients have begun to use CBD as a means of controlling symptoms and alleviating memory problems. Studies have shown significant success with CBD products, but it can be difficult to know how much CBD to take for Alzheimer’s. We will answer that glaring question and showcase some of the benefits of CBD for this growing condition.

Benefits of CBD for Alzheimer’s


CBD maintains neuroprotective qualities that drastically help reduce cell damage in the brain. Alzheimer’s currently has no cure, but the degenerative disease is exacerbated by plaque on the brain that essentially kills brain cells. However, the neuroprotective qualities of CBD have shown to protect vital brain cells from damage. CBD will not cure Alzheimer’s, but has shown to drastically reduce degeneration.

Mood Stabilizing Possibilities

For anyone who has taken care of an Alzheimer’s patient, you understand that each day is different. Additionally moods can change minute to minute as well. One moment the patient can be fine and the next they become extremely depressed, elated, or experience severe anxiety. It is difficult to determine what is next, but CBD has anti-depressant qualities that work effectively well to stabilize the patient’s general mood.

Improve Sleep Patterns

A common concern when taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s is their sleep patterns. They are not always lucid enough to understand when it’s night and time for bed and often get their days and nights mixed up. It can be frustrating to continually tell the patient it’s time for bed when they are adamant about staying up, but CBD can be a great help. CBD can act as an excellent sleep aid providing patients the restful night sleep their body is likely craving.

Improves Cognition

Cognitive skills such as decision making, critical thinking, attention, problem solving, and attention can be difficult for Alzheimer’s patients. They can lose much of their cognitive function as the disease strips away vital memory related brain cells. CBD has been shown to improve cognition in patients without the same negative side effects as prescription medications.

How Much to Take

It should be noted that due to the inability of the FDA to market CBD as a credible Alzheimer’s treatment option, there is little information on the proper dosage. It’s recommended that when using CBD, you begin dosage small between 2 and 5mg. Continue with this dosage for one week and note any changes to the patient. From there, you can step up the dosage by 1 or 2 mg every three days. Keep track of all changes and stop increasing the dosage when you see positive changes in the patient. It will take some time to determine your correct dosage, but due to the fact that CBD maintains virtually no side effects, you will not run the risk of overdosing the patient while following this general guideline.