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How Often Can I Use CBD Oil?

So you’ve decided to join the growing list of people who use cannabidiol products for relief from anxiety, menopause, arthritis, pain, and other health ailments. You can choose from a wide list of products to administer CBD, including oils, vaporizers, tinctures, topical, and edibles. All of these work differently, but all will ensure that you get the best results while using CBD.

However, if you’re overwhelmed by the need to use a variety of these CBD products, then maybe go with the simplest and most popular form of CBD oil. Oil can be administered sublingually, and because of its dropper it can be dosed correctly. Now you may be asking yourself “How Often Can I Use CBD Oil?”. Determining how much CBD oil you should be taking daily will depend on your needs and your body. Let’s explore this topic below.

Clarify your goals

CBD oil has more than many health benefits on the body and mind, and hosts a variety of therapeutic properties. Our recommendation is to specifically focus on one or two properties, since you won’t want too many variables or things to test. First, ask yourself what you want CBD to improve in your body, whether it’s arthritic pain or anxiety. Always consult your medical specialist for a proper recommendation on how long you can use CBD oil depending on what you intend to achieve and what the health ailments you’re trying to treat are.

Identify your time frame

How CBD oil is going to work in the body is a common question you want to know before you give a try. You’ll want to figure out the balance between how you ingest it and how quickly your body eliminates it. Some CBD application methods deliver quick and effective results, while others deliver slow and steady concentration. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a faster or a short-term relief, then products like a vaporizer may be a better option. If you need to maintain steady CBD levels throughout, an oral product like CBD oil will be appropriate. You may choose the combination of these CBD oil delivery methods as they will guarantee results depending on your situation. 

Dosage and physical considerations

The most recommended dose is talking about 10-20 mg of CBD oil one to two times a day to see the effects of this oil in the body. You can use this dosage recommendation to see improvements after much smaller amounts of intake of the product.

However, frequency of serving and an optimal amount of CBD oil can vary from person to person. CBD is profoundly affected by different body differences such as metabolism and body weight, so if your body takes a longer time than expected to respond to any CBD products, these factors could be reasons behind it. 


If you’re ready to introduce Cannabidiol in the form of CBD oil into your daily regimen, take time to find the kind of results you want to achieve and how fast you want them so that you understand the amount appropriate for you. Always consult your doctor before trying any new health product.