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How soon does CBD oil work after taking it?

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has shown effectiveness in treating a number of medical ailments. Everything from migraines to cancer symptoms have been identified as conditions that have the potential to be treated by this substance. Depending on which condition you are looking to treat, you may be able to take CBD oil as little as once daily or via multiple microdoses throughout the day.

But how soon does CBD oil work after taking it? Studies have found that these results vary significantly between individuals. The reason for this is that the body’s uptake of CBD oil depends on a number of factors which are different for everyone.

Physiological factors

Body weight has been the main variable that appears to impact the speed in which a person will feel the effects of CBD oil. Generally speaking, the heavier the person, the longer it will take for the substance to work. This is due to the very simple reason of body mass and is true of most medicines and substances.

Type of condition

The specific condition you’re looking to treat can also affect how quickly you feel that CBD oil is working. Some people who use it to treat anxiety, for example, report feeling the effects in as little as two to fifteen minutes. While others who are using it for chronic pain relief report it taking anywhere between 25 for 45 minutes to start feeling relief. 

Dosage and method of ingestion

Dosage and method of ingestion can also affect how quickly CBD oil works. If someone takes a particularly high dose rather quickly, they will be more likely to feel its effects sooner. Smaller doses can take longer to produce an effect, as is the case with many medicinal substances. However, when considering how much to take, it’s beneficial to consult with your prescribing doctor.

Most recommendations are to start with a small amount and take more if desired effects are not felt after a reasonable timeframe. Initial amounts will of course depend on several factors. It’s important to consider the many variables that can impact the time it takes for someone to feel the effects of CBD oil, however, and you should bear these in mind when selecting to take a further dose.

Full effectiveness

These timeframes refer to feeling an immediate effect from the substance. But many studies have shown that users of CBD oil often need to wait periods of six to eight weeks of regular, consistent use to fully feel the benefits. Researchers have likened the substance to other medications, such as antidepressants, which require a lengthy period of daily use before their full effects are truly felt.


In short, the time it takes for someone to feel the effects of CBD oil can vary widely from person to person. You should not become alarmed if you do not feel an immediate alleviation of your symptoms. Give it some time and take a further dose if you feel this is required.