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CBD topical cream and tube - Panda CBD

An Introduction to CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals

CBD infused topicals provide a unique way to spot treat aches and pains as it is used in direct application to the skin of the affected area offering targeted relief.

They come in a variety of forms and textures from lotions and creams that you apply with your hands and manually massage into the source of your pain.

CBD topicals - Panda CBD

There is also the popular and at least cleaner method that uses a ball that rolls out the ointment directly onto the skin without getting your hands messy, and they’re novel in that they are basically an oversized ball-point pen of pain relief.

It can’t get much more convenient than that, especially if you’re trying to avoid ingested pharmaceuticals in general.

Why CBD Topicals?

Choosing The Right Topical Product For You

The right topical for you would depend on what you are intending to accomplish with CBD in general.

  • Muscle Aches and Cramps. If your interest in CBD topicals is for treating pains in surface-level muscles then CBD balms are the perfect thing to go with. These can come in a canister or a roll-on style tube and require you to rub and massage the balm into the affected muscles which gives you the benefit of a nicely oiled massage as well as pinpoint accuracy into where your CBD is being delivered. These are the perfect products to work on post-workout pains and cramps that would otherwise keep you from pursuing your athletic goals.

CBD topical cream with mint leaves and lavender - Panda CBD

  • Joint Pains. These kinds of “shut your day down early and stay in bed” pains can be a real hindrance that keeps us from living life to its fullest. While CBD is not recognized as a means of treating or curing arthritis it has offered an alternative natural means of pain relief that can target joint pains with the benefit of not being a highly addictive opioid. For these pains, it’s recommended you opt for a strong CBD topical cream that can be gently applied over aching knuckles and other joints throughout the body, although many back and joint pains may need a partner to help to really get the cream where it’s most needed.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD oil is a hemp-derived chemical that is able to interact with several different receptors in the human body as it closely resembles the structures of our own natural endocannabinoids.

The main receptors that it interacts with are the CB1 Receptor which is linked to the nervous system and brain and the CB2 Receptor which is mostly tied to our immune system.

Both of these receptors are also found throughout our skin together.

If those 2 receptors weren’t enough, CBD also has weaker but still-present interactions for serotonin receptors and adenosine receptors.

The first of these is related to depression and anxiety and the latter is the stimulant receptor that everyone’s favorite drug Caffeine binds to.

All this along with its legal classification as a class 1 drug until recently has made research and studies into the exact effects of CBD both rare and difficult.

This means there are no real recommended dosages of CBD for any condition.

This lack of research has also made it confusing for consumers who see CBD simultaneously advertised as a wonder cure-all elixir as well as called absolute snake oil.

The truth is likely somewhere in the middle as it’s been documented to have beneficial properties and has helped many people with chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, and depression.

The active testimonies do support CBD not being just an expensive placebo.

What Should I Use CBD For?

Before you go out medicating yourself for any serious conditions you should consult with a physician before using CBD as a treatment regimen for anything.

On its own, the side effects have been mostly negligible and rarely include symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, and loss of appetite.

All of which are mostly minor compared to what CBD is used to treat and often fare much better when compared to what the normal clinical medications will often lead to.

But even if those symptoms are minor, CBD lacking large clinical studies may have unknown side effects when used in tandem with other drugs which may make things drastically worse.

As a broad range inhibitor, CBD can reduce the effects of other drugs in the body throwing off your other dosages.

Local Topical CBD Products

When shopping for any CBD product you need to be wary of where your CBD came from and how it was processed.

Inaccuracy in content and chemical contamination has been a huge problem for consumers shopping for CBD.

Panda topical and tincture - Panda CBD

If you want the absolute best CBD topicals then you should find a product made from hemp grown in your local area.

Buying products made from hemp grown in these states will help protect you from rubbing pesticides on your skin or giving yourself a dose of THC, the psychoactive component of the marijuana plant, which could be a pleasant or unpleasant surprise depending on who you ask.


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