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CBD for physical discomfort - Panda CBD

Is CBD a Good Reliever for Physical Discomfort?

Is CBD a Good Reliever for Physical Discomfort?

Researchers are constantly working on the potential habits of CBD products from diabetes to high blood pressure.

CBD in the Pain Relief Market

Several options for managing physical discomfort do not involve opioid methods. Some of the home medical equipment providers may have a number of these retail items, including nerve stimulation units and cold packs. 

CBD products may also serve the retail customers though additional research is needed for firms to carry these products. 

CBD offers the provision for treatment of different chronic discomfort.

Research from Harvard shows CBD could reduce discomfort through combating certain negative emotions that are often linked with long-lasting chronic back discomfort, the reduction of inflammation, and helping with sleep and improving the state of relaxation. 

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There is research that shows that CBD may affect the way a person perceives that discomfort, though more research is needed. 

CBD is considered by many to be a full-body treatment, meaning it does not directly target back discomfort unless you specifically use topical products. 

However, it contributes to an overall feeling of relaxation and can relieve physical discomfort. 


Some of the possible benefits that come with CBD oil include the following:

Arthritic Aches

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease where the individual’s immune system attacks their joints, leading to inflammation. 

Osteoarthritis, on the other hand, is degenerative and only affects the bones leading to stiffness. 

Cannabinoids may assist with the aches related to these conditions by attaching themselves to receptors in the brain and immune system.

One of the receptors known as the CB2 receptor plays a significant role in the management of the inflammation and discomfort levels. Experts ascertain that when CBD is ingested, it could attach to the CB2 receptors.


Research from European Journal of Pain focuses on discomfort using an animal model to tell if CBD was able to assist people who are suffering from arthritis to manage their discomfort. 


The researchers then applied gels with CB to mice that had arthritis. Researchers noted there was a drop in the level of inflammation and signs of discomfort without the additional side effects. 


The people who use CBD oil for arthritis could get a form of relief from their discomfort, though several more human studies would have to be done to confirm the findings.


Tackling Chronic Discomfort

Psychoactive forms of cannabis have been used all the time to relieve migraines  and menstrual cramps. CBD oil, though, does not have THC, which is the element that causes the ‘high.’ 

For several years, research into cannabis and compounds was limited because of the connection to the war on drugs. 

Scientists are starting to understand how and why CBDs can assist with discomfort. 

They do not work on the body in the same way that opiates and alcohol do by depressing the nervous system. 

The special receptors which are found throughout the brain and the nervous systems may respond to the naturally produced substances which are similar to cannabis. 

These are referred to by experts as endogenous cannabinoids. 

Their behavior may be different from the psychoactive cannabis or CBD extract as the body’s chemicals and plant-based substances may interact with the receptors, which are the endocannabinoid system. 

Scientists currently understand these endocannabinoids may assist with the regulation of the behavior of the body in a variety of ways, from the appetite to motor functions and discomfort. 

Plant-based cannabinoids as well, which are the phytocannabinoids can pick the slack in different ways when the body is not producing a sufficient amount for the management of certain aches. 


Relief from Menstrual Cramps and Migraines

The broader scope of potential CBD benefits maintains there are a variety of anecdotal reports found within message boards and blogs. 

Uterine contractions cause menstrual cramps as they shed the outer lining. The results are abdominal aches and other physical ailments. 

Cramps can be severe, especially if you have endometriosis or non-cancerous growths. The obstructions and swelling make it harder for the lining to shed effectively. 

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As stated before, CBD comes available with anti-inflammatory attributes, which would assist with the regulation of the discomfort caused by prostaglandins. 

Cannabis also has relaxant and analgesic effects, which indicate that it relaxes the muscles in the abdominal area, so they stop contracting aggressively.

Medical experts consider the discomfort associated with migraines as the result of stimulation of the sensory nerves. 

It is a response to inflammatory elements that are released at the time of the migraine. 

That would explain the reason potent analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents such as CBD are effective when it comes to migraines. 

CBD products have gotten attention for their properties in relieving discomfort, mainly because the use of cannabis is becoming legal in several states.


Managing Aches and Other Discomforts

While many people that have chronic issues may benefit from CBD, others get the most relief from a combination of THC and CBD. 

In states that allow for medical cannabis programs, many people who suffer from chronic discomfort look for strains that are bred to contain high levels of CBD and THC. 

In the same way, as with the majority of health conditions, those suffering from chronic discomfort may come across a combination of approaches, including the pharmaceuticals for things that would offer the best relief. Research illustrates that CBD may be a crucial part of the relief regimen. 

Considering CBD is legal in every state, and there are few side effects, it should be worth finding if it is right for you as well.

CBD may be ingested as an extract applied to the skin, or it can be inhaled with an e-cig. It is also possible that one form may benefit more than the other. 

As the states proceed with easing the legal restrictions for the use of cannabis, the expectation is that it will become possible to see more people exploring the potential for it to become a government-approved way to treat aches and other physical discomforts. 

CBD still needs to be approached with care despite the various benefits it offers to the market. 

It’s prudent though to consult with your doctor before embarking on any of the regimens because they need to be in the know if there are adverse reactions to ongoing medication.