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Is CBD FDA Approved?

CBD is not FDA approved. This means that the CBD that you buy off the shelves at your local store has not been tested and declared safe for human use by the Food and Drug Administration. While this may sound scary, there are other factors to consider before throwing out all of your CBD products. Continue reading to learn why CBD is not FDA approved, how CBD can still be purchased without approval, and how you can ensure that your CBD is safe to use.

Why Is CBD Not FDA Approved?

CBD is not FDA approved because it has never undergone the rigorous testing that drugs and supplements are required to undergo before receiving FDA approval. The FDA only approves foods and substances that have been tested and proven safe for human consumption but undergoing numerous rounds of testing. Since CBD has not been approved, companies cannot make FDA-approved claims about their CBD products. While this may make some people uncomfortable to hear, the truth is there are plenty of products people use every day without FDA approval, like food coloring or sugar.

How Can I Still Buy CBD If It Is Not FDA-Approved?

Despite not being FDA-approved, there are still ways that you can legally buy CBD. Hemp products like oils, balms, and tinctures are all legal as long as they contain less than 0.03% THC (the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana). But it’s still a good idea to research your state’s laws before buying any hemp-based product.

It is also possible for your doctors to prescribe CBD for a medical condition. So, while CBD is not FDA approved, there’s still a good chance that your doctor will prescribe or recommend this treatment to you if he or she believes it to be beneficial. And just because a product has not been approved by the FDA, doesn’t mean that it is dangerous to use or has no benefits, as new products will often exist for years before they are officially approved by the FDA. 

How Can I Ensure That My CBD Is Safe To Use?

Some CBD producers have their own labs where they test their CBD for both purity and quality and will post their results on their website or send them upon request. When buying from new producers, make sure to ask about how they test the CBD products. By asking questions and doing your homework, you can feel confident in the CBD products that you’re ingesting.

But lab tests are currently not required by the FDA for CBD, which means not every brand will run them. That’s why the best way for you to know if your particular company is selling quality CBDs is through research. Research can include reading reviews online or talking with stores and manufacturers directly about their product testing process.

To date, there are few FDA-approved labs out there conducting studies on CBD, but testing is not the same as approval. So, it’s important to buy from companies that take quality control seriously and follow strict guidelines around how they create their products.


Even though CBD is not currently FDA-approved, it is still a beneficial and safe option for treating multiple medical conditions. The key is to simply do your research and make sure that you are buying your CBD products from a trustworthy source that conducts its own internal testing for both quality and purity.