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Is CBD Oil Legal in New Hampshire?

We live in some of the most interesting times in history. New studies are coming out daily on how natural solutions such as CBD Oil can be used to treat a host of neurological disorders and even aid in the treatment of certain types of cancer. Although research has been ongoing within the CBD industry for many years, government entities have been reluctant to embrace the use of this once illegal substance. 

In the States Hands

Thankfully, in recent years, the United States has opened up to the use of CBD Oil and it is legal on a federal level. However, within the US, each state has its own set of governing bodies that decide what is right for that state. Therefore, we have many states such as Colorado that embrace the fact that CBD Oil has many notable medicinal benefits and has already helped countless people overcome certain ailments, but you also have states that are reluctant to fully embrace the substance.

Is CBD Oil Legal in New Hampshire? Local government entities have been more reluctant to include CBD Oil as a viable and legal treatment option. As of today, it is legal to purchase CBD Oil New Hampshire, but the quantity ordered must maintain less than .3% THC. This seems to be the case in even the strictest states in the US in regard to CBD Oil use. 

Why Was CBD Oil Illegal for So Many Years?

One would think that with so much information out there about the many benefits of CBD Oil, it would be lovingly embraced by everyone, but not everyone understands the viable nature of this natural substance. It is not the CBD Oil that is to blame for the psychedelic effect that people tend to associate with cannabis use. THC is the culprit for that, but more and more research and embracing of Cannabis entities such as CBD and THC have proven beneficial to the industry. THC has shown to vastly improve the ability of the body to contend and even eliminate certain cancers, so many states are embracing this part of the CBD industry as well. 

New Hampshire and Legal Stance on CBD

We have already stated that New Hampshire is one of the many states that allows for CBD Oil legally provided the THC level remains at or below .3%, but the state is also providing some relief for those who buy and sell marijuana, whether for recreational use or for medicinal purposes. 

New Hampshire used to completely criminalize the use and distribution of marijuana, but as of July 18, 2017, according to House Bill 640, the first and second offense of marijuana possession merely requires a fine of $100, which is far less than the $300 fine before the law was enacted. It is not until the 4th offense in a period of 3 years that faces actual charges and even that has been reduced to a misdemeanor. New Hampshire is, as of today, the 22nd state to legally decriminalize marijuana across the board. 

CBD Oil has vastly grown in popularity and thankfully, states such as New Hampshire are working to make the substance more readily available to its residents. CBD Oil has proven to be a remarkable treatment option for neurological disorders such as epilepsy and is even an excellent solution for children who experience seizures from certain conditions. When you want an effective solution to your medical problems without the harmful side effects of certain prescription medications, CBD Oil is the way to go. We live in a proud era in which states throughout the US are finally realizing the many benefits of CBD oil and as research continues, we will, no doubt, find many more viable uses for CBD Oil.