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Is CBD Safe for Minors?

It’s a universally accepted truth that being a parent is difficult. Sleepless nights, frustration, and constant exhaustion are a given. But despite all of this, there is so much joy, love, and growth when one becomes a parent. It also becomes important to look out for the best products and practices when helping our children become the healthiest they can be. But when one thinks of CBD, we don’t often associate its use with children. But is CBD safe for minors?  Recently, CBD has become a very popular treatment for some conditions that might manifest themselves in children. Consider this article a starting point to the world of CBD. 

What is CBD?

Don’t be alarmed — CBD will not get your children high. This is because despite what you may hear, CBD is not the same as THC. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is not the mind-altering chemical that is associated with marijuana. The chemical that gets you “high” is THC, whereas CBD gives you all of the physical benefits without getting you high. You can get your hand on CBD without needing a medical prescription. Commercially-produced CBD is becoming more popular and is being used to help treat things such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. 


How is CBD made?

CBD is extracted from Cannabis Sativa, otherwise known as marijuana, and is usually diluted with carrier oils such as coconut or hemp oil. There are many ways to ingest CBD, such as cookies, gummies, oils, and beverages. The process of extraction may result in some THC being left within the product, which is why it’s best to look for CBD isolate. This way your product will be absolutely THC-free. However, many states regulate that CBD products cannot contain THC levels more than .3 which is not nearly enough for the body and mind to feel its effects.


Is it safe for minors?

While there is a growing body of research on CBD everyday, there isn’t conclusive evidence on many of the outcomes of CBD, especially for minors. This can make some parents uncomfortable giving it to their children. CBD oil is also unregulated, which makes it hard for parents to fully trust its use. However, plenty of research has shown that CBD has very few side effects if any and is safe for use. Always consult your doctor before trying CBD and especially using it for minors.


What can CBD help with?


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has formally approved CBD for treating epilepsy in the medication known as Epidiolex. CBD is also used to treat other ailments, for example, anxiety, depression, and PTSD are some of the main illnesses that people decide to treat with CBD. Many people try CBD as a way to avoid pharmaceutical drugs and their negative side-effects. 


How does CBD work?

Now for the science behind CBD. Every human has an endocannabinoid system also known as ECS. This system helps your body regulate things like, sleep, pain, and some immune system responses. Your body produces endocannabinoids naturally, which later bind to cannabinoid receptors that exist in your nervous system. CBD affects your endocannabinoid receptors in your body.


Final thoughts

Always consult your doctor to see what they think and to see if they would recommend CBD use for your child or minor. Do the most amount of research and make sure to choose the best product and be sure to read the label of products to verify the recommended dose of CBD. Also be sure to ask where the CBD product is being manufactured and if it’s organic. Check if the CBD you are considering has been tested by legitimate organizations such as the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists, Again, this article is meant as a starting point, so best of luck in your journey into the world of CBD.