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Is There a Thing as Too Much CBD?

Despite the popularity which has come with CBD, there is still some confusion concerning what CBD is and the manner it affects people.  

People learning about CBD may wonder whether it is possible to take too much of it. The short answer, though, is no. 

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One cannot overdose on CBD, and there is no evidence to show that one can overdose on THC, which is the cannabinoid that is responsible for creating a sense of euphoria. 

There is a sizable amount of research related to CBD and the effects that it has on the body. 

Thus far, there is a list of health benefits and therapeutic uses for CBD.

In general, it is seen as having several anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety qualities that have positive effects on several health conditions. 

The Potential Side Effects from Taking Too Much CBD

Though, it is still important to consider not only the positive means CBD would affect the individual but the potential side effects which come along with it as well. 

There is a reason to claim one cannot take too much CBD, and it has been concluded that if one consumes CBD, it is not possible to get sick or experience the noticeable side effects. 

What the Studies Say

A report from the WHO found that CBD is well tolerated within a good safety profile, and the claim is in people, CBD does not show effects indicating that it can cause a potential for dependence. 

That means it does not cause any addiction within the people that take it, and hence, it should not cause a problem related to over-dependence and then the overdose.

However, the ones participating in CBD related studies have sometimes reported several side effects, including sleepiness, decreased appetite, fatigue, and even vomiting. 

The case studies noted that other factors complicated the effects of CBD and could have been the reason for the adverse side effects.

 According to the studies which have been done though in controlled circumstances, which means a person that does not suffer from complications, the biggest risk run from taking a big dose of CBD is getting sleepy.

However, studies have illustrated that CBD oil is known for interacting with a particular medication. 

That means it is advisable to consult a pharmacist or a doctor, especially if you happen to be on any prescriptions. 

Even in the event, CBD oil only has the cannabinoids, which are not going to cause a high, it is good to stop once you have reached the therapeutic dosage. 

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Taking more is just probably going to make you want to take a nap. The studies have found that in some people, CBD may cause diarrhea, changes in fatigue, and appetite. 

The recommendation for first-time users is a limited dose and then increase the dosage to the therapeutic amount over time. 

Each time, you can pay attention to the manner the different amount affects the body. CBD oil affects everyone differently because of body chemistries, though. 

If you reach a point where you do not feel better by adding on the dosage, then it would be advisable to stop there.