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CBD Tinctures

What are CBD Tinctures?

Tinctures are created through the soaking of one substance in while applying heat another in hopes of creating a liquid extract.

CBD tinctures are a form of herbal extracts: hemp, or marijuana extract; alcohol is the most commonly used liquid to
soak the hemp when making tinctures.

The tinctures allow people to take advantage of the positive effects of cannabinoids without having to smoke it since
that can prove to turn people away from the substance; they act as a way for inexperienced users to get into the world
of cannabinoids.

What are the effects?

Some may ask how much CBD tincture should I take to be able to experience the effects? The effects are very few, but those few can be rather appealing to most people.

The CBD found in tinctures has the ability to create a feeling of homeostasis, a state of no change, in terms of mood,
pain, and anxiety, by preventing the brain’s release of certain chemicals.

What are the Uses of these Tinctures?

Due to these great effects that CBD tinctures have, they have some very worthwhile uses, both medical and recreational.

The ability to keep a body in homeostasis allows for the treatment of illnesses such as epilepsy or in dealing with

Because homeostasis in the body will create a calming feeling, it can also be used as a recreational compound. Interested to buy CBD oil? Panda CBD offers Full- Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture & THC Free CBD Tincture. Go to our Shop now!


How to Take Cannabidiol Tinctures?

When deciding to take CBD, there are some practices you should know beforehand.

First, you should shake your tincture before using it so that anything settled will move and you will be able to receive
an equal balance of the tincture.

Second, you’re able to take CBD oil however you desire, whether mixed with food or topically applied, but due to the
high amount of capillaries in your mouth, you would receive the effects quicker.

Third, due to the potency of our full-spectrum CBD tinctures, a little goes a long way, so you have no need to overdo it.

When considering your dosage please take into account:

  • Your size. The same dosage that will bring a person the great benefits associated with tinctures, might not be able to
    bring these benefits to someone who weighs double the first person. Be aware of your weight when deciding how much CBD
    that you should be taking, and not to use too much or too little for your desired effects.
  • The effects you wish to get from CBD. If you desire pain reduction through your use of CBD, you may need a stronger
    effect and this would require a stronger dose in turn. You should always keep your desired benefits from our CBD
    tinctures in mind when choosing your dosage, so you are not left unsatisfied.
  • Tolerance. Your tolerance to CBD and other cannabinoids will also be a great factor in choosing your tincture dosage.
    Chances are that if you’re an experienced user, you will need far more CBD than someone who has never had the experience
    to get the same effects; this also applies to users of other cannabinoids, if you are a frequent cannabinoid user but
    have never tried these, it is safe to say that you will need more than someone who has never tried either.

If you are ever unsure about the dosage of CBD that is safe for you and would bring the best benefits, your best
decision would be to speak to your doctor to get their opinion.


The Benefits

CBD is a chemical compound, marijuana, or hemp-derived, that despite often containing THC, is nonpsychoactive.

Like all cannabinoids, when consuming CBD tinctures, there can be great effects.

These tinctures have not existed long enough for people to understand the effects, the right dosages, where they’re for
sale, and just exactly what they are.

CBD Tinctures with Panda CBD

CBD tinctures carry amazing benefits to those who choose to take it, and this is why Panda CBD exists.

We wish to be able to bring the great positive effects of our full spectrum tinctures to you as soon as you feel that
you’re comfortable and ready.